Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Why Did It Turn Out This Way?

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The other party replied with a text message. ‘It’s a little tricky.’

Xuxu said, “If you can’t do it, then who else can?”

Mu Qingteng replied, ‘Since sister-in-law thinks so highly of me, let me give it a try.’

Xuxu replied, “His name is Wang Bin, the person-in-charge of Flourish & Prosper’s coastal county project.”

Mu Qingteng sent over an ‘ok’ expression and said, ‘I’ll give you a reply by tonight.’

Even though he said that he would reply by nightfall, Xuxu was stunned and she gasped in surprise at his efficiency. Three hours later, while Xuxu was on her way to the airport, she received a message from Mu Qingteng.

‘I’ve already sent the information to Yan Rusheng’s email.’

Xuxu immediately took out the laptop from her bag and opened Yan Rusheng’s email account to retrieve Mu Qingteng’s email.

She downloaded it and extracted the information from a compressed file.

When she saw the content, her expression froze.

First Uncle was no longer involved in matters relating to Flourish & Prosper, and ever since he was young, it was Second Brother Yan who was groomed by the Jiang family as their successor. So how could he have maintained such close contact with Wang Bin?

Furthermore, there’s such a big age gap between them, so how could their paths cross?

Xuxu couldn’t help but clench her fists.

Just then, her cellphone rang. She absentmindedly took a glance at the caller display. When she saw that the caller was Yan Rusheng, she immediately snapped out of her thoughts and answered.

“Hello, Yan Rusheng. Where are you now?”

Yan Rusheng asked, “I heard from Qiao Jian that you’re coming over to the coastal county?”

When she heard his voice, it tugged at her heartstrings and she nodded. “Yes.”

With a gentle voice, Yan Rusheng said to her, “Xuxu, I’ll settle the matter over here. You rest easy and stay at home.”

Xuxu accidentally glanced at the laptop and saw a familiar name. She gritted her teeth and deliberated for quite a while before opening her mouth. “Ah Sheng is Second Brother…”

Before she could even finish her question, Yan Rusheng cut her off. “Xuxu!”

Yan Rusheng sounded shocked and at the same time, nervous.

Xuxu’s heart sank, and her eyes glistened with tears. She asked, “Why?”

So, he already knew—no wonder news of the grave matter was prevented from leaking out. No wonder he went over to settle the matter personally.

She thought he must have spent a lot of effort and energy to contain it.

Outsiders deemed him a condescending and disrespectful person, but the real Yan Rusheng is someone…

Yan Rusheng could sense the bitterness and hatred from Xuxu’s voice, so he comforted her gently. “Be good and wait for me at home. Nothing will happen to me.”

Xuxu said, “I’ll arrive at 4 p.m. today.”

After that, she swiftly ended the call and switched off her phone.

Looking out of the window, her eyes brimmed with tears. Images of her grandmother’s kind smile flashed across her mind and it made her heart twist in pain.

‘Grandmother, why did it turn out this way? Why would Second Brother want to do such a thing?’

The journey drained all of Xuxu’s energy before she even reached the coastal county’s developmental district. She violently threw up and emptied her guts out when she arrived, looking as if she was suffering from a major illness.

Qiao Jian went to pick her up.

Yan Rusheng was still held up in the local police station as they said that the matter had alarmed high ranking officials. Yan Rusheng was considered as the cream of the crop amongst all the young and distinguished businessmen in the capital city, and so they had to carry out a thorough investigation and give a proper account to everyone.

Yan Rusheng didn’t lie to Xuxu. He indeed stayed at the same hotel and in the same room as last time.

Qiao Jian brought Xuxu to Yan Rusheng’s room to take a rest while he prepared some porridge for her. She felt betting after drinking it and headed for the police station.