Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 686

Chapter 686 They Needed Evidence

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Xuxu took a deep breath and it revealed all the helplessness she felt. “Hopefully he knows what he should do.”

Both of them fell silent, lost in their own thoughts. They tightly held each other’s hands all this while.

Seconds and minutes went by, and Xuxu felt that she wasn’t of much use sitting there. Although Yan Rusheng was confident, she should still help him in some other ways.

She raised her head and Yan Rusheng’s eyes met hers. She was about to speak when he interjected. “Xuxu…”

Xuxu responded softly with a ‘mmm’ . Her gentle voice was like a feather caressing Yan Rusheng’s heart.

He gazed at her rosy lips and he playfully grinned. “Let me kiss you.”

His expression was so devilish and playful.

Xuxu’s face fell…

How did he even have the energy to think of such stuff in a situation and such place? He really was such an extraordinary person.

She would certainly not agree.

She frowned and solemnly said, “Yan Rusheng, impossible. Before I give birth, I won’t have body contact with you.”

What? Before she gave birth? Does that mean for the upcoming seven months, he would have to live like a monk?

Yan Rusheng’s eyes were widened. He vehemently protested, “This would kill me!”

It had been two months, and it had been an arduous tormenting period to merely see her. He couldn’t touch, hug, or be intimate with her.

Xuxu softly chuckled. “Or perhaps I shouldn’t even talk to you.”

Yan Rusheng was sure that she might really ignore him like how she did these two months. So he smiled brightly at her. “Just give me a kiss. I miss you so much.”

He still needed to tread carefully around her.

Besides, he already predicted that he would be like this in the future as well.

Just like what Lu Yinan had teasingly mentioned, Wen Xuxu evolved into a powerful empress.

Xuxu rolled her eyes at the man across her. “I’m leaving. You can stay here since it’s comfortable.”

She rose and left without another glance or word.

Yan Rusheng watched her and sighed in frustration. ‘Before she gives birth…’

This was her punishment for him not using safety measures !

Fortunately, she was carrying twins. He won’t have to consider having any more children again.

First, Wen Xuxu being pregnant meant their intimacy would be banned. Second, it was too much of a painful experience to give birth. She was so frail and tiny. He couldn’t bear to see her go through it the second time.

Xuxu came out of the interrogation room. Qiao Jian and Chief Ma rushed towards her.

Xuxu looked at Chief Ma and smiled. “Chief Ma, how is the progress for this case?”

They were investigating on their own and their efficiency would definitely be better than the police.

She just wanted to sound Chief Ma out to see if he was a ‘good’ person.

If he was a good person, it would mean he would handle this. If not, he would be in cahoots with the mastermind.

Chief Ma, with all due respect, responded, “The three girls are still claiming that President Yan had sexual relationships with them and it was planned by Assistant Qiao.”

Qiao Jian was furious. “What nonsense!”

Xuxu smiled but didn’t probe further about the three girls’ testimony. Of course, she knew that they were lying.

But they needed evidence.

She watched Chief Ma closely. She then asked, “Have you verified their testimonies?”

Chief Ma curtly nodded. “Their bodies were all checked and traces were all over…”

Xuxu bent her head as her thoughts whirled rapidly. She asked, “Did you procure evidence? Any evidence to prove that it’s related to President Yan?”