Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Did You Drug Me?

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She had already asked Qiao Jian, and although Yan Rusheng’s blood test was clear of any drugs, he was certainly drunk at that time.

But she couldn’t be sure that in such situations, would he be able to control himself? Neither was she sure that he might have mistaken the girls wrongly for her…

Qiao Jian heard Xuxu, and the corners of his mouth twitched…

‘Oh god!’ Lady boss usually seemed like such a docile and fragile woman. But in unexpected moments when she was so firm and shrewd, it made his heart race.

Her words startled Chief Ma, and there was a trace of awkwardness on his face. “This…”

“Why?” Xuxu frowned and her expression hardened. “This is the most crucial evidence. What if they claimed that they are pregnant a month later, do we have to accept it?”

She should have asked Yan Rusheng earlier on if he could still recollect his memories from last night.

Even if he might not recall what he had said or the events that had unfolded, he should still have some vague memories if he was really engaged in intimate activities with the three girls.

Chief Ma stuttered. He seemed to be in a difficult situation. “After all, there are children. They were already subjected to such a traumatic experience. If we press them too much, they wouldn’t be able to take it.”

“They can’t take it?” Xuxu sneered. She then harshly declared, “These children should be punished as soon as possible so that they don’t defile our society in the future.”

They had already done such wicked things at such a young age. Don’t high school students know anything about integrity and honesty?

Yueyue was the same age as them. Why was she so wise and upright?

There wasn’t a need to empathize with such children.

She halted in her tracks and turned abruptly around. “Give me a minute. I have something to say to President Yan.”

Xuxu ran back to the interrogation room and wrenched the door open.

The man inside was doing push-ups on the floor.

Her mouth slightly twitched before asking. “Yan Rusheng, do you recall the events that happened yesterday?”

Yan Rusheng didn’t stop as he glanced at Xuxu while doing push-ups. It confused him. “What do you mean?”

“I know that you were drunk and you don’t remember what you’ve said.” Xuxu briefly recalled her conversation with Chief Ma earlier on and how she wasn’t awkward at all. But now that she was interrogating Yan Rusheng, she felt all bashful and spluttered as she asked. “But… I mean, if you did that kind of stuff, and at least three times, you should at least recall something.”

Her dewy eyes were sparkling as she intently watched Yan Rusheng. She held her breath in anticipation and anxiety.

She wasn’t entirely sure.

After all, many are not able to control their thoughts and actions when they are drunk.

Yan Rusheng knew what Xuxu was trying to ask, and he became stony-faced. He gritted his teeth in frustration. “Wen Xuxu, you are such a dumb woman.”

How dare she doubt his faithfulness towards her?

Xuxu frowned anxiously. “So did you?!”

Yan Rusheng sprung to his feet and strode to Xuxu. He peered down at her and said in a solemn and serious manner, “I was drunk but I wasn’t dead. If I’ve really done it, how could I forget it? I still remember that you nearly scratched off my skin that night, and you kept screaming in pain.”

Xuxu blushed red, and she whispered under her breath. “You still forgot about what happened the next day.”

At the mention of this, he was exasperated and angry. He burst out, “I didn’t! We did only once that night.”

Xuxu gnashed her teeth as she became redder.

Yan Rusheng saw that she had turned bashful, so he decided to tease her. “Did you drug me that night?”

Xuxu’s face fell as she furiously glared at him. “Get lost!”