Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Exceedingly Dumb

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It was Yan Rusheng who was completely drunk and seemed as though he was consumed by desire. He was like a beast as he pounced on her and kissed and bit her all over.

“Why? Was I so good that night?” Yan Rusheng inched dangerously close to Xuxu as his lips mischievously curled. There was a devious gleam in his eyes. “I was completely drained the next day, and I even had rashes on my body. You knew that I was allergic to such stimulants.”

He suddenly thought of something and he watched her doubtfully.

Xuxu pouted and the crease between her eyebrows deepened. “Who knows? Anyway, I did nothing like that, and I’m not as despicable as you.”

Yan Rusheng stopped teasing her and lowered his head to look at her properly. “Why did you suddenly come back and ask me this?”

Xuxu answered, “Nothing much. Continue with your push-ups. I’m leaving.”

She turned around and walked to the door.

“Xuxu,” Yan Rusheng called out.

Xuxu glanced back over her shoulder and saw him striding towards her. He whispered in her ear, “Other than you, I no other woman. My body only reacts to you.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu…

She raised her leg and aimed a kick at him. She shrieked, “Jerk!”

She ran out of the room.

‘Other than you, I don’t have another woman. My body only reacts to you…’

Yan Rusheng’s confession repeatedly rang in her ears.

He didn’t have any other woman… What about Fang Jiayin? She was already pregnant. Could it be a lie?

They were together for almost four years. Did they really have such an innocent relationship?

“Chief Ma, where are the girls right now? I want to let you and your team gather the evidence to prove that my husband is the culprit.”

She had announced that he was her husband, no longer addressing his as ‘President Yan’.

She was composed and seemed unruffled by the fact that her husband might have an affair with other women.

Why did she appear so levelheaded and calm?

It puzzled Chief Ma for a moment. He then smiled. “I understand what you mean. But some time has passed, and I’m afraid that it would be too hard to get the evidence…”

It was hard to continue, and he stopped.

Xuxu unyieldingly pressed on. “Chief Ma, I’m unimpressed by your efficiency.”

He didn’t gather the most crucial evidence and wanted to brush it aside by saying it was too late.

Chief Ma couldn’t refute and bent his head.

Xuxu quietly watched him.

She was certain that something was wrong with Chief Ma.

Who could it be? Who was the mastermind trying to frame Yan Rusheng?

“Third Madam, actually what you’ve mentioned…” Qiao Jian spoke up but stopped halfway. He believed that Xuxu understood what he was trying to convey. “This morning, President Yan instructed me to bribe the doctor who examined the three girls.”

Bribed the doctor? Did it mean that they have the evidence? But she couldn’t rule out the possibility of the mastermind eliminating any traces of the evidence before they could.

Even with uncertainty, Xuxu asked, “Qiao Jian, did the evidence point to President Yan?”

Qiao Jian smiled and blushed.

Xuxu was speechless, but she knew that they had gotten the evidence.

Thankfully, the stupid mastermind was exceedingly dumb. He had used such despicable methods to frame Yan Rusheng but left too many loopholes.