Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Was Young Madam Being Bullied?

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Qiao Jian said, “That Chief Ma is not a decent chap.”

“Mm. I am aware.” Xuxu nodded. He was obviously up to no good. She asked further, “How much evidence do we have now?”

There was a mysterious smile on Qiao Jian’s face, and he replied, “Not much. President Yan said to wait a little longer.”

Xuxu nodded with an ‘oh’ and mumbled, “What’s that fellow up to?”

He’s behaving mysteriously and even trying to hide from her.

As compared to what she had heard from Qiao Jian regarding Yan Rusheng’s plans, she was more looking forward to witnessing the success of his plans. She was hoping for an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Although she was certain that Yan Rusheng would not be mistreated at the police station, that night, Xuxu kept tossing and turning restlessly in bed, thinking of him.

The next day, there was a change of public opinions towards the news of Flourish & Prosper’s use of inferior materials on the coastal county project and Yan Rusheng’s sexual relationships with three under-aged girls.

It took the headlines of various major newspapers, magazines, and as well as websites.

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed. When Flourish & Prosper was plagued with troubles, the lady boss was the first person to render her support. She had also magnanimously shared with the media about their romantic relationship where they started off as childhood sweethearts. Regarding news reports about President Yan’s sexual relationships with three under-aged girls, she had faith in him and this dispelled earlier rumors about their strained relationships and divorce because of third parties…”

‘Third Madam Yan made a public clarification regarding Flourish & Prosper’s use of inferior materials on the coastal county project. She shared that Third Young Master had spent extravagantly to purchase the island in the coastal county to build a holiday resort to make her happy. Subsequently, reporters carried out further investigations. It so happened that there was a fall-out between President Yan and Flourish & Prosper’s directors at that time, and he went ahead to sign the contract. Hence, she dispelled reports of a direct link between Flourish & Prosper and the use of inferior materials. However, Third Madam Yan didn’t rule out the possibility that the workers could have ulterior motives. What’s most remarkable was when the incident happened, President Yan immediately went on-site to comfort the family members of the casualties.’

‘While she was addressing the media, reporters noticed that Third Madam Yan had her hands placed on her tummy. At the mention of her babies, there was a look of bliss in her eyes. The cheeky Third Madam Yan even took the opportunity and lashed out at those women who were still pining for Third Master. ‘ We’re childhood sweethearts. I am certain that he didn’t marry anyone one else, and I am carrying his child. He didn’t give chances to any other women…’ Many people exclaimed that Third Madam Yan’s public display of her affection has reached a greater height.’

‘Yesterday, we saw a totally different Third Madam Yan and finally understood why she was the first and only woman to stand by Third Master. As an editor, I am more than willing to tie her shoelaces for her or even lick the bottom of her soles…’

In the photos, security guards surrounded Xuxu, and the look of confidence in her face moved him—but still, her actions infuriated him.

He felt a stinging pain in his eyes. She had given him her complete trust…

What about him?

In the future, not to mention tying her shoelaces, he was even more than willing to lick the bottom of her soles.

Qiao Jian could tell that Yan Rusheng was visibly moved by the news he read, and so he took the opportunity to add in more good words for the lady boss. He said, “Boss, I heard from Wang Xiaoya that lady boss contended with the old directors in the company yesterday, and there was an acrimonious fall-out.”

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng put down his newspapers and looked at Qiao Jian with a frown. “Was Young Madam being bullied?”