Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Do You Want To Hear?

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Those old fellows kept finding fault with her. When news of him first broke yesterday, he had already anticipated that they would use it as a pretext to make a fuss and accuse him of misconduct.

They were a bunch of old fellows whom Xuxu had a deep respect for, and she would try her best to put up with them. But there’s no guarantee that they would not take advantage of their seniority and bully her.

Hmpf! If they dared to bully her, he would make sure that they would pay back ten times for what they’ve done.

“Of course not.” Qiao Jian shook his head and vividly replied, “Lady boss’ dominance was overwhelming and no less inferior to you. A few of them were so mad that they landed in the hospital.”

When he heard this, Yan Rusheng heaved a sigh of relief.

Qiao Jian’s voice sounded again. “Lady boss said, ‘It’s time to stop being an opportunist and attempt to attack President Yan at this moment. Please bear in mind that Flourish & Prosper belongs to the Yan family, and President Yan’s power and grandeur can never be destroyed’ .”

He imitated the way Wang Xiaoya told him about Xuxu. ‘Otherwise, I believe that in time to come, Flourish & Prosper will belong solely to the Yans.’

After he finished saying that, he could bear it no longer and broke into a laugh.

The corners of Yan Rusheng’s smile curled up in smug. “She’s indeed my woman.”

His eyes swept through the newspapers once more. ‘Our reporters carried out further investigations. It so happened that there was a fall-out between President Yan and Flourish & Prosper’s directors at that time and he went ahead.’

He thought, “Xuxu, you indeed surprised me time and again.”

When Qiao Jian heard this, he secretly scorned him. He thought, “What do you mean that she’s indeed your woman? She’s obviously more dominant than you.”

Yan Rusheng ignored Qiao Jian and picked up the newspapers again to examine the words once more—every word touched him.

“President, I’ve read a report from another newspaper, do you want to hear?” Qiao Jian stretched out his neck and moved closer to him. There was a lecherous smile on his face.

Seeing his look, Yan Rusheng knew that it must be some indecent news and frowned. “Speak.”

Qiao Jian took a look at the door behind him. He then turned back and inched closer to Yan Rusheng. He spoke with a hushed tone. “They said that boss, you have some disorder and that thing will only become firm for lady boss! Hard…”

Yan Rusheng twitched his mouth and was speechless.

Although this news appeared to be scorning him, the reports were factual, and he actually liked them. It would be best if Xuxu read them too.

To let her know that he’s been faithful to her, both body and mind.

Xuxu lay on the chair at the balcony, facing the sun. She was wearing a piece of a thin frock.

The sea breeze gently blew against her. She put down the newspapers in her hand and closed her eyes, smirking. “This bunch of wily old foxes are not dumb after all.”

All of a sudden, a familiar voice sounded in her ears. “Xuxu.”

Xuxu opened her eyes and looked towards the direction of the voice, visibly shocked. “First uncle.”

Yan Weiye’s dark grey suit was unbuttoned. He was wearing a dark blue shirt beneath it, and the collar was unbuttoned as well. Bits of perspiration appeared on his forehead and he looked travel-worn.

Xuxu stood up when she saw him but didn’t move forward.

Yan Weiye walked towards Xuxu as he asked, “How’s the situation with Third Yan now?”

Xuxu replied, “He’s still in the police station.”

Yan Weiye flew into a rage when he heard this. “Jerks! How dare they lock him up at the police station the entire night?”

Xuxu pursed her lips and remained silent. She turned about leisurely to face the sea, gazing at the vast ocean with despondency in her eyes.