Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 692

Chapter 692 I Felt That He Needed To Know

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As to why they suddenly changed their statement and told the truth, Xuxu had no idea.

Looking at the man who was walking out of the police station, there were stubbles on his chin, but it didn’t affect his appearance. In fact, he exuded a manly charm.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a mischievous smile as he walked towards her in high spirits. He didn’t look like one who had just spent the night at the police station.

Chief Ma walked beside Yan Rusheng, and there was a fawning smile on his face. He was mumbling about something as he walked, but Yan Rusheng ignored him and remained silent.


He walked towards Xuxu and hugged her. “My wife.”

It was a tight embrace.

It annoyed Xuxu, and so she pushed him away and surveyed him with disgust in her eyes. “Finally, you now have a taste of how it’s like to be released from jail.”

“President Yan, Madam Yan, we’ve already carried out a thorough investigation.” Chief Ma found an opportunity to speak. He briefly acknowledged Xuxu before looking at Yan Rusheng apologetically. “Our inefficiency had caused President Yan many sufferings, and I hope that President Yan will be magnanimous enough to forgive us.”

Yan Rusheng took advantage of his height and coldly looked down at Chief Ma. “I don’t wish to be magnanimous.”

Xuxu thought of the previous time when they were at the county. Back then, District Head Liu had asked Yan Rusheng over dinner if he was pleased with the‘Five-Star Hotel’ , and he nastily replied that he ‘wasn’t pleased’.

She had yet to come across with anyone whom Yan Rusheng would exchange polite remarks with.

If such a person existed, he’d be inviting a snub from him.

His response startled Chief Ma, his face turned crimson from embarrassment. For a moment, he couldn’t find other words to say, and so he titled down his red and wrinkled face.

“Let me bring you out for some nice food.” Yan Rusheng ignored Chief Ma. He then stretched out his hand to grab Xuxu’s wrist before walking out towards the police station courtyard.

The car was parked at the main entrance, and Qiao Jian was waiting beside the car. When he saw them walking out, he swiftly opened the back passenger seat door.

Yan Rusheng went into the car first before pulling Xuxu in.

Qiao Jian closed the door for them. He swiftly got into the car to start the engine.

“Chief Ma’s face looked awful.”

As the car left the police station courtyard, Xuxu happened to glance outside. It was just when Chief Ma raised his head and looked towards them—she caught a hint of resentment flash across his eyes.

In a calm and collected manner, Yan Rusheng remarked, “Anyway, his days of freedom are ending soon.”

After saying that, he held Xuxu’s hand and placed them on his chin, turning her palm upwards to feel his stubbles.

Those stubbles tickled Xuxu’s palm, and she had the urge to withdraw her hand. But Yan Rusheng tightly seized it and didn’t let her succeed.

After a while, it wasn’t as itchy as before and Xuxu just let him have his way.

She said, “First Uncle came this morning.”

As she said that, she fixed her gaze on Yan Rusheng’s abstruse eyes, silently observing his response.

Yan Rusheng halted his action and responded with an ‘oh’. He then continued with what he was doing earlier, thoroughly enjoying himself.

Xuxu knew that he was waiting for her to continue. “He was still in the dark that Second Brother had a part to play in this matter and I… told him.”

Again, Yan Rusheng replied with an ‘oh’ and showed no sign of surprise. He looked calm and composed.

Xuxu felt sullen at his reaction. She somehow felt that all these were already within his expectation.

She seethed at him. “I felt that he needed to know.”