Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 693

Chapter 693 Always Be Behind You

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A smile appeared on Yan Rusheng’s face. He let go of her hands and intently gazed at her. “Did you already guessed what was on Yan Runan’s mind?”

Since the car window was wound down, a gust of strong wind blew in and messed Xuxu’s hair. A few strands of hair fell over her eyelashes, and so he reached out to tidy them before she could do it.

He gently swept away the hair.

His slender fingers ran through her short hair from her crown to the ends.

It made his heart skip a beat. He lowered his head and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

This kiss caused a flutter in Xuxu’s heart.

As they had not been intimate for the last two months, she suddenly felt awkward and blushed.

She leaned back and pouted her lips. “I don’t know. But I just felt that First Uncle needed to know about it as he is grandmother’s son. After all, grandmother had devoted her life to bring Flourish & Prosper to its current glorious status.”

She lowered her head as she interlocked her fingers.

Yan Rusheng gazed at her for a while before wrapping his palm over her hands affectionately.

There was a hint of tenderness on his charming face as he smiled. “What you did was right. In the future, regardless of what decisions you make or which path you choose to take, you’ll have my fullest support.”

Jiang Zhuoheng had once said the exact words to her. Yet now, when the same words came out of his mouth, it evoked a different feeling in her.

When Jiang Zhuoheng said such words, she felt grateful and touched.

But now, there was a surge of emotions in her because it seemed that those were what she had longed to hear.

Whatever happens in the future, he will stand behind her, giving her his fullest support, and protecting her instead of doubting and questioning her.

Xuxu tilted her neck and slowly leaned towards Yan Rusheng’s shoulders, resting her head on it as if her whole body totally depended on him.

She clung on to his arm and knitted her eyebrows depressingly. “What will happen to Second brother and First Uncle in the future?”

What will happen in the future?

She did not wish to witness the Yan family turn upside down in the future. If it were to happen, grandmother would definitely be heartbroken.

Yan Rusheng lightly patted her hand to comfort her. “Don’t brood over it.”

He fixed his eyes on the road ahead. His expression turned solemn and heavy.

When Yan Weiye’s plane landed, the sky had already turned dark. He rushed home right away.

The grand villa was brightly lit, and a white Maserati was parked at the courtyard.

He got off the car and took a glance at the Maserati, his eyes fuming with rage.

“Mister is back.”

When he stepped into the house, the servants greeted him. As he strode towards the staircase, he heard noises in the dining room, so he made a turn and walked into the dining area instead.

“Runan, eat more. This stir-fried prawn with soybean sauce is your favorite.” Jiang Qinglian affectionately looked at her son and kept placing food into his bowl.

It was April but the weather in C City has yet to turn warm. Yan Runan was wearing a thin navy blue sweater. His handsome face obviously inherited his parents’ good genes.

He was the second child and also his mother’s beloved. As he was doted upon since he was young, even at the current age of thirty, he still exuded a childish side of him in the presence of his mother.

Yan Weiye stood at the entrance of the dining room and his aura was too strong to be ignored. Everyone turned and stared at him with their eyes wide-opened.

It startled Jiang Qinglian. She opened her mouth “Wei…”