Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 694

Chapter 694 Am I A Bigger Jerk Than You?

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Jiang Qinglian wasn’t even finished calling Yan Weiye’s name when he furiously strode across the room towards Yan Runan. He grabbed him forcefully by his collar and pulled him up. He lashed out at him. “Yan Runan!”

It alarmed Jiang Qinglian. “Weiye!”

She hastily rose and rushed over to them.

Yan Weiye turned around and fiercely glared at her. He roared at everyone else. “Get out! Everyone out!”

His daughters-in-law and grandchildren were all present in the dining room.

He held the authority at home and no one dared to disobey him. His daughters-in-law grabbed the children and fled.

Jiang Qinglian refused to budge. “Weiye, what’s wrong with you? Why are you throwing a tantrum the minute you got home? And you are being very violent!”

Yan Weiye didn’t reply and pointed at the door instead. He shouted at her. “Jiang Qinglian, I asked you to get out!”

Jiang Qinglian shrunk back in fear. Yan Weiye still grabbed hold of Yan Runan’s collar, but the man forcefully jerked and shoved him. “Do not shout at my mother!”

His sudden movement shoved Yan Weiye backward he almost fell on the dining table. He held on the edge of the table and supported himself just in time.

But he didn’t stop. Instead, he turned around and the next second a forceful slap landed on Yan Runan’s face. “You are worse than an animal! How dare you rebel!”

A loud resounding slap echoed in the room.

It flustered and shocked Jiang Qinglian. “Yan Weiye, what are you doing?! Why did you hit my son?”

She grabbed Yan Weiye’s shirt and tried to pull him away with a hand, while the other hand repeatedly hit him on his back.

She was usually a meek and quiet woman, and especially docile towards her husband. But it had triggered her when he touched her beloved son.

Yan Weiye spun around and glared at her as anger leaped inside of him. He snarled, “Jiang Qinglian, do you have any idea what your precious son has done?”

“Huh?!” It rendered Jiang Qinglian speechless as she stared at Yan Runan. “Runan, what have you done to infuriate your father?”

Without waiting for Yan Runan to answer, Yan Weiye stomped towards the entrance of the dining room and yelled at the people in the living room. “Everyone go upstairs now!”

At his command, no one dared to dawdle and vanished swiftly like a puff of smoke.

He turned around and walked to Yan Runan with his eyes blazing with rage.

Jiang Qinglian glanced back and forth between her son and husband. She was completely at sea with the situation.

Yan Runan extended his hand and placed them on the cheek that Yan Weiye slapped. He ferociously glared at Yan Weiye as he sneered. “I didn’t expect you to find out about it so soon.”

Yan Weiye wasn’t expecting that Yan Runan would immediately admit to it. More so, he had done it so nonchalantly.

“Jerk!” His temper was rising, and he raised his hand once more. He didn’t manage to slap him, instead, he faltered and almost collapsed.

Jiang Qinglian darted forward to support him. “Weiye, talk things out slowly. Why do you have to lose your temper?”

Yan Runan’s contemptuous smile vanished as an icy gleam streaked across his eyes. “Am I a bigger jerk than you?”

“You…” Yan Weiye clutched his chest, looking starkly white. He pointed at Yan Runan, at a loss for words.

Yan Runan didn’t seem to care about him or had any intention of pacifying him. He continued to taunt him. “What about me? Flourish & Prosper belongs to the Yans. I would rather destroy it than give it to the two illegitimate b*stards.”


Another resounding and clear slap sounded. This time, however, Yan Weiye had used all his might.