Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 695

Chapter 695 What Is So Enthralling?

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After hitting Yan Runan, Yan Weiye collapsed on a chair. His face had turned a delicate shade of green.

Jiang Qinglian comprehended the severity of the situation and realized that it wasn’t the time to comfort her son. She anxiously glanced at Yan Weiye. “What exactly happened?”

Yan Weiye’s voice and hands were trembling as he spoke. “Your darling son planned Flourish & Prosper’s recent crisis. He wants to destroy Flourish & Prosper!”

“What?!” Jiang Qinglian was flabbergasted, and her mouth hung open in disbelief. She turned towards Yan Runan. “Is your father telling the truth?”

Yan Runan raised his chin. He then responded, “Yes, I want to destroy Flourish & Prosper. Without Flourish & Prosper, I want to see how you are going to raise those two b*stards!”

Jiang Qinglian heard him and raised her hand as well, but she couldn’t bear hit him. Her eyes glistened. “Runan!”

Yan Runan’s heart was aching when he saw his mother’s expression. “Mother, you have suffered.”

Yan Weiye seemed to have slightly recovered as he looked at Yan Runan Feeling all the bitterness, he lamented, “Yan Runan, do you know what you’ve done?! Do you have any idea how much time and effort your grandmother had invested in Flourish & Prosper for the company to achieve its status and prominence today?”

“So what?” Yan Runan coldly drawled. “I reckon that if grandmother was still alive, she would never have allowed the two b*stards to enter our family. So, what right do you have to talk about filial piety with me?”

He stared at Yan Weiye, and hatred was clearly etched on his face.

Yan Weiye roared. “I’m your father!”

“Father?” Yan Runan scoffed and continued, “The moment you betrayed my mother and tried everything in your power to bring them into the family, even to the point of having the intention of officially declaring them as part of the Yans, you have already lost the right to lecture me.”

“How dare you!? Who gave you such authority?!” Yan Weiye slammed the table, and he raised his hand again. Jiang Qinglian managed to catch his hand in time. “Weiye! Calm down! Will you be able to salvage the situation if you vent your anger on him?”

Yan Weiye snorted in disdain. “Of course it can’t be salvaged. Yan Runan shall pay for his crimes.”

It alarmed and agitated Jiang Qinglian. She grabbed Yan Weiye’s elbows and pleaded with him. “Weiyi, please don’t do this to him. I don’t want Runan to go to prison! Think of a way to save him.”

Yan Weiye coldly lifted an eyebrow. “You don’t want him to go to prison? Save him? How about the four innocent lives?”

Jiang Qinglian stammered. “So… you should think of a way. Do you really want to see our son in prison?”

Yan Weiye remained frigid and emotionless.

Jiang Qinglian seemed to have lost hope as she gazed at him. “I’ve given my everything to you, Yan Weiye and to the Yan family for decades. What have you done for me? Now that I’m pleading with you to save my son. Are you willing to help?”

Yan Weiye stretched his hands and grabbed her shoulders. He looked her squarely in the eyes. “Jiang Qinglian, please be rational.”

“If you don’t, I will look for Third Yan. He always has a way.” Jiang Qinglian shoved Yan Weiye aside and left the room.

Yan Weiye hurried after her. “Qinglian!”

There was still some time before they could board the plane. Yan Rusheng and Xuxu were sitting in the VIP waiting area.

Yan Rusheng was casually flipping a magazine. As he stretched his hand for his glasses, his eyes swept past Wen Xuxu who sat beside him.

She was staring at her phone with a frown and appeared to be in a daze.

He peered at her phone. “What is so enthralling?”