Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 696

Chapter 696 How She Wished That None Of This Had Happened

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Xuxu stowed her phone away and shook her head. “Nothing in particular, just some news article.”

“News?” Yan Rusheng grunted in response and went back to reading his magazine.

After a few minutes, he closed the magazine and glanced at his watch. “It’s almost time to board.”

He plunged his hands inside his pocket for his phone and opened a browser. The latest news caught his eye.

‘Third Master is in trouble and his rumored ex-girlfriend Fang Jiayin declared her support for him via a Weibo post. ‘Hang in there, I believe in you!’

Disdain flashed across his eye as he tightly clenched his phone.

He didn’t bother to read the entire article and decided to exit the browser. He turned to Xuxu with a smile. “Xuxu, shall we move back to the house tonight?”

Xuxu frowned and sharply reminded him. “Yan Rusheng, remember my words. Before I give birth, we’re two separate entities.”

She was enjoying the current progress of their relationship. It seemed like they were catching up on their previous non-existent dating stage.

And most importantly, she wanted to see how patient he could be before he reverts to his ‘original state’.

Yan Rusheng was in despair. He bitterly lamented, “Why do I have to wait until you’ve given birth?”

They will eventually get together, so why does she have to torment him for the next few months?


Xuxu bit her lips and somberly answered, “Because our children would need to change diapers, feeding, and care at night. So, I would need your help.”

It had Yan Rusheng speechless…

So, the reason he could share a bed with her months later was because of their children? He would be like a babysitter taking care of their every need.

Yan Rusheng was about to protest when his phone rang.

He gave Xuxu a pitiful expression before he glanced at his phone. He hesitated before picking up the call. “Hello, First Aunt.”

Xuxu instinctively glanced at him.

First Aunt must have called to talk about Second Brother.

“Xuxu and I haven’t reached the capital city yet. Let’s talk until I’m back.”

“We should land after midnight.”

Yan Rusheng hung up after briefly speaking to Jiang Qinglian.

He seemed out of sorts as he stared at his phone. The cabin crew came towards them to remind them that the plane would be taking off soon.

Qiao Jian arrived with their laptop bags and he walked ahead of them.

The three of them were the only ones in the business class cabin. Yan Rusheng held Xuxu’s hand and led the way.

Xuxu asked as she glanced at him. “Did First Aunt call regarding Second Brother?”

Yan Rusheng nodded. “She has just boarded the plane to the capital city, and she would be waiting for us at the airport.”

Xuxu heavily sighed. “In the future, I’m afraid that after this incident we would drift apart.”

How she wished that none of this had happened.

She also knew that they should not conceal the truth. There were four reported deaths and nine others injured. The police were notified and there was no way they could keep it under wraps forever.

Once the truth was out, what would be in store for Second Brother?

Su Yue and Su Yan had just come, and if First Uncle and Yan Rusheng didn’t try their best to help Yan Runan, First Aunt would never forgive them.