Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Being Affectionate

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Yan Rusheng stretched his hand and gently patted Xuxu’s back. “Don’t worry too much.”

Xuxu managed a feeble smile, but it didn’t lessen her worries at all.

What will happen in the future? How could she not worry about it?

Grandmother who had slogged her life away for their family and for the company… How could she not worry?

She sighed as she thought, “Grandmother, what must I do to ensure the family can continue to exist in peace?”

Xuxu shut her eyes when they boarded the plane. She stopped her mind from wandering around. Within minutes, she dozed off. When she woke up once more, the plane had reached the capital city and was making its descent.

It was already midnight. In addition, she wasn’t able to sleep well the previous night. Hence, it was a struggle for her to even flutter her eyelids.

The air stewardess adjusted the seat for her but her eyes remained closed.

“Miss…” The air stewardess was about to remind her when Yan Rusheng hushed and gestured her not to disturb.

Then he gingerly lifted the blanket from Xuxu and checked her seatbelt.

Xuxu felt uncomfortable when the plane was landing. She frowned and drowsily opened her eyes. She was finally awake when the plane landed.

“Are we here?” She yawned and stretched her hands.

Then she bent to her left and right to stretch her body too.

Yan Rusheng noticed it and grabbed her arm. He seemed solemn as he reminded her. “Xuxu, you can’t stretch like this.”

Xuxu doubtfully stared at him. “Why?”

Yan Rusheng explained, “I read it on a handbook for expecting mothers. Pregnant women shouldn’t tiptoe to reach for stuff, neither should they stretch too much.”

Xuxu smothered her laughter and pretended that she was shocked. “Aren’t you the father? Why did you read a book for mothers?”

She said it loud enough that all the cabin crew overheard their conversation.

Everyone covered their mouths as they bent their head, giggling.

Yan Rusheng knew that Xuxu intentionally did it. He gritted his teeth and a devious gleam sparkled in his eyes as he thought of an idea to seek revenge. “That’s because I wanted to know if pregnant women can do ‘special’ activities during their pregnancy!”

He raised his volume too.

Xuxu instantly blushed crimson. This hooligan always makes such remarks in public places! She exerted strength and pinched Yan Rusheng’s thigh as hard as she could.

“Ahh!” Yan Rusheng let out an exaggerated yell as he caught Xuxu’s wrist with agile. He pretended to turn bashful. “My darling wife, if you want to caress my thigh, let’s do it at home. Too many pairs of eyes here.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

No one on earth could stop his despicable remarks.

Qiao Jian, who sat next to them, whipped out his phone to snap a photo of their‘affectionate’ moment. He uploaded it online.

‘Look at our boss and lady boss, being affectionate on a flight. Torturing all the singles out there.’

The media and public both had their eyes and target on them. Any news of them would result in the headlines the next day.

Assistant Qiao was still single, and he wanted to take the opportunity—not to earn big bucks, but to snag a pretty girl and get married soon.

Of course, the main motive for helping to document his boss and lady boss’s affectionate moments was to torment and drive away third parties, scums, and evil masterminds that might threaten Flourish & Prosper.

Their company would be a wonderful place if his boss and lady boss enjoyed a sweet and loving relationship, for he would face fewer scoldings and gloomy expressions.

It was freezing in the capital city, the complete opposite of the coastal county.