Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 698

Chapter 698 The Moon Can Represent My Heart

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Yan Rusheng walked hand in hand with Xuxu as they disembarked from the plane. Xuxu had just woken up and the temperature outside was lower than when they were still on the plane. She gave a shudder as she clenched her hands.

Yan Rusheng stuffed her hand into his pocket.

Their hands clasped together tightly in the pockets of his pants.

It was less crowded at the airport at night.

Xuxu stayed close to Yan Rusheng. The moment they came out, people instantly recognized them.

"Third Master, did Third Madam Yan pick you up from the coastal county?"

"Yes, just like what youve said."

"Third Master, can you tell us more about Flourish & Prosper using inferior materials?"

"Third Master was framed by under-aged girls. Does Third Master have any suspect or mastermind for this ruckus in mind?"

There was a long pause

They had chosen the midnight flight because they wanted to avoid the media. They thought the reporters wouldnt stay up just to wait for them.

But they had clearly underestimated the reporters professionalism.

The reporters came in all directions and their questions made Xuxus head throb. She pressed her hand to her forehead and hid behind Yan Rusheng.

She didnt feel like talking, so she had Yan Rusheng handle them.

The reporters flashing lights mercilessly shone directly at Yan Rushengs gorgeous face. Some were even daring enough to shove their cameras right in front of his face.

Yan Rusheng was expressionless as he looked at a female reporter. "Are you trying to see how big my pores are?"

The reporters mouths twitched

Xuxu nearly choked when she heard his sarcasm.

The reporter retreated and pulled the camera away from his face. It was well-known that Third Master had a quick temper. She was afraid that he might smash her camera.

Yan Rusheng scanned the reporters who had circled them and spoke. "I have nothing to comment regarding your questions. But if you want to know how deeply I love my wife, Im willing to answer a few questions."

He stretched his hand and put it around Xuxus shoulders. He smiled at the cameras, and his smile was seductive and alluring that it had momentarily seduced many young female reporters. They wanted to caress his rosy and alluring lips.

It was rare that the Third Young Master had initiated to discuss his relationship with his wife.

Everyone began to jostle as they fought to ask him questions.

"Third Master, how much do you love Third Madam Yan?"

"Yeah! How much?"

"Your relationship was a wee bit quiet before, but now you are more willing to speak up. Is it because of the baby?"

Yan Rusheng waited until there was a break in their questions. He then stretched his hand and pointed outside. "You can head outside and take a look at the moon. It represents my heart."

He politely bowed and said thank you.

Xuxu was dumbfounded

Was the fellow joking? She dont know this guy.

The reporters havent caught up with the tempo of Young Master Yans joke when his pleasant and deep voice sounded once more. "Alright, my wife is afraid of the cold. Please spare her tonight. In the future, if you bump into her in public places, please dont make things difficult for her. I shall thank everyone in advance."

He bowed gracefully once more.

They were overwhelmed and flattered to see Third Young Master being so courteous and gentle.