Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 699

Chapter 699 So He Was The Jerk Who Disseminated The Photo

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He shifted his hand to Xuxu’s waist and pulled her to a tight embrace as they walked past the group of reporters.

It moved Xuxu’s heart.

‘My wife is afraid of the cold. Please spare her tonight. In the future, if you bump into her in public places, please don’t make things difficult for her.’

She had finally experienced the indescribable bliss to be pampered and shielded by a man.

She thought this ought to be the sheer bliss of a woman—with him leading the way, shielding her from any trials and hardships, laying down his life for her, and doing things that he wouldn’t do in the past.

The reporters relentlessly followed Yan Rusheng and Xuxu out of the arrival hall before dropping their chase.

The car was waiting by the entrance of the arrival hall. Qiao Jian led the way and opened the car door for them.

After she had boarded the car, she looked out and noticed that some reporters were still snapping away. She frowned and looked perplexed. “How come these reporters seemed to be especially waiting for us at the airport?”

Yan Rusheng closed the car door after he got in. He took out his jacket as he spoke, “Who knows why they are so capable? We have already tried to keep our return low-profiled.”

Xuxu also felt that those reporters were indeed resourceful, but she didn’t give it much thought. As she gazed out of the window again, she knitted her eyebrows in puzzlement and asked, “Where’s First Aunt?”

Yan Rusheng also looked out and scanned the surroundings. “I have no idea. She said that she would be waiting for us at the airport.”

He whipped out his phone. “Let me give her a call.”

He slid his finger across the screen and a news headline caught his eyes. ‘There are new developments to the news that you’ve all been paying close attention to. Third Master and his wife displayed their affection in the plane.’

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows and clicked to open the article. There were affectionate shots of him and Xuxu in the plane. He didn’t read the content of the article but looking at the angle of the photo…

His expression darkened. Gnashing his teeth, he menacingly stared at Qiao Jian, who was seated at the front passenger seat. “Qiao Jian, the daughter of Vice-President Zhang has been carrying a torch for you, and he called a few days back to talk to me about this matter. I’ve made arrangements for you to have dinner with his daughter tonight.”

Assistant Qiao wasn’t mentally prepared for this, and his good-looking face revealed a horrified expression. He turned and looked at Yan Rusheng. “President Yan!”

Xuxu almost burst out laughing when she heard Yan Rusheng, but managed to restrain herself. However, when she caught sight of Qiao Jian’s expression, she couldn’t hold it any longer and burst into laughter.

The daughter of Vice President Zhang—Miss Zhang—was obsessed with plastic surgery. She’d been chasing Qiao Jian since the day he joined the company and was obsessively smitten with him.

Now whenever Qiao Jian saw her, he would deliberately take a detour.

She was curious why Yan Rusheng brought this up to tease Qiao Jian.

She took a peep at his phone and immediately understood what was going on.

No wonder she was puzzled why the reporters seemed to know the time of their return. So, Qiao Jian was the jerk who disseminated the photos.

Yan Rusheng glared at Qiao Jian and threatened, “If you won’t go, then you have to go on a one-month business trip to Jincheng.”

After saying that, he dialed Jiang Qinglian’s number.

Qiao Jian was speechless and looked to Xuxu for help. “Lady boss, please help me.”

On account that I’ve helped to showcase your happiness to everyone.

Xuxu shot him a ‘serve you right’ expression.

“Mm, in the car already.”


Yan Rusheng hung up after saying a few words.

Xuxu anxiously asked, “What’s wrong? Where’s First Aunt?”

Yan Rusheng replied, “She’s inside and is coming over now.”