Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 701

Chapter 701 Dont Choke My Son

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Jiang Qinglian nodded. “I know that Runan committed a huge mistake this time.”

It was such a grave mistake that she even wanted to slaughter him on impulse. But for him to take such a move, as parents, they also had a part to play.

‘I would rather destroy Flourish & Prosper than give it to the two illegitimate b*stards.’

At the thought of Yan Runan’s outrageous words, a sense of resentment flickered in her eyes. She quipped, “If it wasn’t because for your First Uncle, he wouldn’t have committed such a big blunder.”

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows. “He’s already a mature man with wisdom and understanding. So, shouldn’t he know what things he should or shouldn’t do?”

Jiang Qinglian’s facial expression turned cold. “So, you and your First Uncle are now on the same page and insist on sending Runan to jail?”

Yan Rusheng put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth as he continued. “Since the police are investigating this matter, I won’t interfere anymore.”

He stood up and got ready to leave. After he strode out of the dining room, he suddenly halted his steps and looked at Jiang Qinglian again. “I want to give you a piece of advice—it would be best if he turned himself in. Perhaps the outcome would not be too terrible then.”

Jiang Qinglian also stood up and spoke in grief. “If he’s sent to jail, his life would be ruined.”

Yan Rusheng remained silent and walked out.

Jiang Qinglian’s cold voice sounded from the back again. “Third Yan, you mentioned that you won’t interfere in the matter anymore, right?”

She sounded hopeless and desperate.

“Yes.” Yan Rusheng nodded his head, but he didn’t turn back. “But I would still advise First Aunt to reconsider.”

He left the dining room and went straight up to the study room.

Xuxu was lying on her bed after taking a shower, but she didn’t feel tired at all.

When she heard footsteps earlier, she knew that it was Yan Rusheng. But it puzzled her when the footsteps suddenly stopped.

She got out of bed and went out of her room to take a peek. Yan Rusheng’s room door was closed.

She walked over and pushed open the door. It was pitch-dark inside, so she closed the door and walked towards the study room instead.

“First Aunt.”

Xuxu had just reached the study room when Jiang Qinglian came up, so she acknowledged her. After she had noticed her expression, she knew that her talk with Yan Rusheng didn’t end on a good note.

Jiang Qinglian lightly responded with an ‘Mm’ and walked past Xuxu without stopping.

Xuxu turned around and looked at her from behind. She held back her words.

After Jiang Qinglian had stepped into her room and shut the door, Xuxu retracted her gaze and let out a sigh as she looked down.

It was the first time that First Aunt treated her with a cold shoulder.

What she feared had come true. It was really happening.

She sighed. Since the grave matter had already reached such a stage, it was already too late to do anything. The only way was to proceed with the next step logically.

After deliberating for a while, Xuxu wrenched the study room door open and peered in. The smell of tobacco assailed her nose, and she frowned. She looked at the glum-looking man seated at the sofa and grumbled, “What are you doing in the middle of the night? You’re choking me to death.”

She shut the door after stepping in. She spoke as she walked over to Yan Rusheng, waving her hand to disperse the smell.

Seeing Xuxu, Yan Rusheng instantly snubbed out his cigarette and said, “Why are you here?”

He stood up and moved towards her, placing his hand over her shoulders and pushing her towards the door. “Quickly get out. The smell of tobacco is too strong. Don’t choke my son.”

Xuxu glared at him, annoyed. “I’m glad you know!”

The two of them left the study room and retreated to their room.