Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Another Seven Months To Go

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After closing the door, Xuxu looked at Yan Rusheng. “Is there no other solution?”

She knew very well that there was no other way unless it was done against one’s conscience and morale.

It was already three in the morning. She didn’t feel sleepy with all the worries and anxieties, but her head was throbbing with pain. Xuxu supported her forehead with her hand.

Yan Rusheng could tell she was exhausted, and so he stretched out his hand to massage her temples. “You’re pregnant and shouldn’t be worrying unduly. Rest early.”

Xuxu took in a deep breath and nodded. “You’re right, there’s no point in me worrying.”

What was the use? Could it change anything?

As she mulled over it, she turned around and waved at Yan Rusheng. “I’m going back to my room to sleep. You rest early too. Good night.”

The way she spoke and waved her hands, she seemed to be treating him as a friend or a family member. No married couples would say to each other, ‘I’m going back to my room to sleep. You rest early too. Good night.’

Yan Rusheng was feeling vexed and upset. He shot forward to Xuxu like an arrow and embraced her from behind. “Xuxu.”

He hadn’t hugged her tiny body for a long time and was longing for the feeling.

He looked down and nestled his face as he took in the light fragrance of her shower gel. Brushing against her supple skin, he felt he wouldn’t be able to stop.

“What are you doing?” Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and nudged Yan Rusheng with her elbow. “Yan Rusheng, don’t over-step your boundaries. I’ve said before that before I give birth, don’t even think of sleeping in the same room with me.”

Yan Rusheng hugged her tightly, refusing to let go. He shamelessly teased, “We can’t sleep in the same room, but we can sleep on the same bed.”

In the midst of speaking, he gently nibbled her neck.

He tickled Xuxu that her body almost went limp and numb. She pulled back her neck and shoved him off with all her might. “Don’t be disgusting, Yan Rusheng.”

Her tone turned serious and stern.

Yan Rusheng didn’t dare to act dumb anymore and could only reluctantly withdraw his hands from Xuxu’s waist. However, he tugged at the corner of her pajamas and pleaded with her softly. “Can I just hug you to sleep? I promise not to do anything else.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

He wasn’t successful in feigning dumb so he was trying to act cute and pitiful. This fellow was too much. Only ghosts would believe he would just hug and not do anything else.

She furrowed her eyebrows at him. “Yan Rusheng, if you continue to behave this way, I won’t eat the breakfast that you make anymore.”

Yan Rusheng instantly backed off and bent down to give her a quick peck on her soft lips before saying, “Good night, my wife.”

After that, he seductively licked his lips, in a hope for more.

Xuxu couldn’t bear to see it any longer and strode out of the room immediately, shutting the door behind her.


In the past, he was cracking his head to win back his wife. Now that she was back with him, he had to rack his brains again on how to climb back onto her bed. He seemed to be able to visualize the arduous and tormenting road ahead. After she gives birth, he would have a lesser share of Xuxu’s love.

Oh, he shouldn’t have been so ‘capable’ —having twins in one pregnancy. It was not such a good thing to be too strong.

If only he knew earlier that Wen Xuxu is the only one for Yan Rusheng, he would have hugged her to sleep every night during their childhood days.

Young Master Yan lay on his bed after taking his bath. In the midst of letting his imagination run wild, the urge in him from hugging Xuxu earlier had died down, and so he closed his charming peach blossom-shaped eyes gradually.

He recited silently in his heart—another seven more months, seven more months to go…

“Hahaha. That white lotus is too disgusting.”

Xuxu had no idea what’s the time was. She only felt extremely drowsy and couldn’t open her eyes. But Zhou Shuang’s devilish-sounding voice over the phone irritated her that she almost flared up at her.