Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 703

Chapter 703 It Didn't Seem Like His First Time

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She furrowed her eyebrows and sleepily complained, “Why have you gone mad early in the morning? I was still sleeping… what white lotus are you rambling about?”

Zhou Shuang loudly chuckled. “I couldn’t tell that you were so liberal.”

She paused for a moment before launching her interrogation once more in an annoying and nosy manner. “Xuxu, was it very painful when it was your first time under such circumstances?”

What did she mean by her first time under such circumstances? Sleepiness still enveloped Xuxu’s whole mind and body, and she really couldn’t wake up. She was only half-conscious and couldn’t comprehend Zhou Shuang’s question at all. Frustrated, she replied, “Alright, Zhou Shuang. If there is nothing else, I’m hanging up. How can you disturb my sleep and even tell me lewd stuff early in the morning? Aren’t you afraid that the Heavens will strike you with lightning?”

Zhou Shuang relentlessly pressed on. “Haven’t you read the headlines today?”

Headlines? It finally jolted her awake. “What happened?”

Zhou Shuang quipped, “You and your man are on the headlines and it’s explosive.”

Being on the headlines was nothing new to them but explosive news…

It stunned Xuxu, and she spluttered, “W—what do you mean?”

She tried to recall fragments of Zhou Shuang’s earlier words. A white lotus, liberal, first time, painful…

‘Oh no!’

Xuxu hung up without a second word and opened a browser. News about Yan Rusheng splashed across the main page.

She saw another name which she loathed: Fang Jiayin!

‘According to credible sources, Fang Jiayin the beautiful goddess and violinist had tried to drug Third Young Master four years ago in an attempt to seduce him. She had tried to climb into his bed but due to a twist of fate, Wen Xuxu—who had become the official Third Madam Yan—had accidentally walked into the wrong room. She became the person who benefited from it and succeeded in replacing Fang Jiayin! That night, Third Madam Yan ‘sacrificed’ herself to ‘help’ Third Master and wanted to sneak off early in the morning without anyone noticing. Fang Jiayin seized the opportunity and passed herself off as Wen Xuxu. Fortunately, the lovers managed to get together in the end. But this shocking news has exposed Fang Jiayin’s true colors and entirely changed my views. She had tarnished the title of ‘goddess’ for so long!’

‘Oh my god, what was happening?’

It flabbergasted Xuxu after she read the article. Was Yan Rusheng really drugged that night? Wasn’t he merely drunk? Although he was a little… ahem.

Fang Jiayin tried to drug Yan Rusheng in an attempt to seduce him. Didn’t anything happen between them during the years they were together?

Xuxu clutched the sides of her head and she was completely confused.

Did that mean that it was Yan Rusheng’s first time that night?

But he seemed so experienced; it didn’t seem like his first time.

What was happening? Who was this ‘credible source’? How did this person know so much?

Xuxu was lost in her thoughts and someone quietly opened the door. A towering figure sneaked in carefully.

She only realized it when he sat beside her. She jumped and patted her chest as she admonished him. “When did you get in?”

Yan Rusheng gazed at her with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. He feigned inquisitiveness and asked, “What were you thinking of?”

He had caught a glimpse of her phone when he came in and knew that she must have been confused by it.

Xuxu raised her head and stared at the man. “Did you read the news today? There was a source who reported that Fang Jiayin drugged you years ago. Was it true?”

Yan Rusheng wasn’t in the least surprised and shrugged nonchalantly as he nodded.