Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Get Them To Change It

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Xuxu stretched her hand. She anxiously grabbed Yan Rusheng’s wrist. She pressed on. “Really?!”

She had never been so curious about something before, and she felt an overwhelming impulsive urge to know the answer.

“I think so.” Yan Rusheng nodded and frowned. “But I can’t be entirely sure. It happened so long ago. What I only remembered was Ah Sheng, I’m in pain. Ah Sheng, I like you. 

He split into a wide grin.

Xuxu blushed and muttered under her breath as she peered down. “No wonder Zhou Shuang remarked that it was disgusting. She was too despicable to use drugs.”

She knew that Fang Jiayin was a scheming woman, but it didn’t cross her mind that she would stoop down to using drugs. To be frank, she was despicable.

Yan Rusheng quipped, “If both are in love, it doesn’t matter if they occasionaly use stimulants.”

Xuxu raised her head and rolled her eyes at him. “Stop justifying the dirty tricks you’ve used in the past.”

She grabbed her phone and scanned the article once more. She pointed at a sentence. “Why did this article say that I had benefited from it?”

It was he who had pounced on her and seduced her alright?!

She felt uncomfortable when she read it.

“Didn’t you?” Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow. “My first time.”

Xuxu rolled her eyes again. “Do you think that was my second time?”

Yan Rusheng frowned and displayed an aggrieved expression. “The media wrote it, not me.”

Xuxu stared at the words again, and she was indignant. “I don’t want this, get them to change it.”

It exasperated Yan Rusheng. “It doesn’t matter whoever benefited. Why do you have to harp on this?”

Xuxu pouted. “No way! Unless you change it, I’m not talking to you.”

She laid down, looking upset, and covered herself with a blanket.

It was the first time he saw such a childish side of her. Yan Rusheng smiled affectionately as he gazed at the blanket.

He gently tugged at the blanket as he grinned. “Alright, I’ll do it. I’ll get someone immediately to check the original article and ask them to change alright?”

“Mmm.” Xuxu peeked her head from the blanket but it still covered half of her face. “Go out first. I want to change.”

Yan Rusheng pouted. “Can’t I just look since I can’t touch?”

Xuxu glared at him, and she screamed, “Yan Rusheng!”

Yan Rusheng leaped to his feet. “I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

With lingering longing in his eyes, he turned around and left the room.

Xuxu smiled happily as she rolled around excitedly on her bed.

‘Haha, that’s great! His first time!’

Xuxu changed her clothes and went downstairs. She saw Su Yue carrying her schoolbag, ready to leave the house.

Her natural curls were tied in a ponytail. She wore a black sweater, and it made her look even tinier.

Xuxu smiled as she looked at her. “Yueyue.”

“Third sister-in-law.” Su Yue stopped and turned around, beaming at Xuxu.

Xuxu walked towards Su Yue. “Are you going to school? Have you had breakfast?”

Su Yue pointed at her schoolbag and answered, “My breakfast is inside. I’ll eat it on the way.”

Xuxu’s heart seemed to tighten when she saw her smile. “You will get indigestion if you eat on the way. You still have time, come and have breakfast together.”

She held her hand and led the way to the dining room.