Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Too Extreme

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Jiang Qinglian understood the meaning behind Xuxu’s words and it made her feel anxious. She gripped her hand tightly. “Even though that wretched son of mine has committed a serious and atrocious crime, you can’t possibly expect me to sit and watch as he goes to jail. Besides, his wife is giving birth soon.”

She stretched another hand and held on to her shoulder. Her eyes sparkled with emotion. “I know that Third Yan will have a way to help him.”

Xuxu sighed once more. She was lost for words. “Second Brother was indeed too rash and muddleheaded.”

She could hazard a guess behind the reason for doing such a crime.

Su Yue and Su Yan’s presence must have threatened him. Their appearance meant they were after the inheritance. He would rather destroy it all, rather than let it fall into an outsider’s hands.

But how could he be so muddleheaded? Flourish & Prosper was such a huge conglomerate, and more so, it has its footing in different industries. How could a project bring about the downfall of Flourish & Prosper?

Or was it just his way of giving out a warning to First Uncle and Yan Rusheng?

If they really wanted to save him, how would they be helpless? They both had money and connections. Even First Aunt could do it herself, not to mention, Yan Rusheng.

But what Jiang Qinglian wanted was to change both Xuxu and Yan Rusheng’s attitude towards the situation.

But would she be able to stir them?

Jiang Qinglian’s expression hardened. With an icy tone, she said, “It’s all your First Uncle’s fault. My two sons have never made us or Grandmother worry at all. Grandmother was the decision maker and no one objected to her decisions. The two brothers didn’t even voice out about Grandmother handing Flourish & Prosper to Third Yan.”

The more she spoke, the more furious she became. “If your First Uncle didn’t involve himself in an affair, Runan would still be the President of the Jiang Corporation. Why would he meddle in Flourish & Prosper affairs?”

Her eyes glinted with hatred. “If he really goes to jail because of this, it’s all because of Yan Weiye. He was the one who destroyed my son.”

All mothers would defend and protect their child at all costs. Even though Xuxu didn’t experience what Jiang Qinglian was feeling, she could fully understand what she was going through. A mother’s love for a child comes first, and to her, nothing else, not even a clear conscience matters.

Before everything, she had given in to First Uncle’s demands so that he could stay by her side. By agreeing to Su Yan and Su Yue entering the Yan family, little would she realize that it would lead to the destruction of her own son.

First Aunt’s emotions and feelings must be whirling in complexity.

Xuxu nodded, patiently consoling Jiang Qinglian. “Yes, First Aunt. I understand what you said. First Brother and Second Brother, especially you, are all wonderful people.”

She sounded very sincere, yet a frown graced her face. “First Uncle did something outrageous, but Second Brother’s method of revenge was too extreme.”

And though she understood how he must have felt, she didn’t agree with it. He was already a grown-up, how could he have done something without putting into mind the consequences that would follow?

“Yes, I know.” Jiang Qinglian nodded. Every being of her started to falter. “But things…”

She wasn’t able to complete her sentence when Yan Rushen’s voice cut through from the dining room. “First Aunt, let’s eat first.”

There was a hint of impatience in his voice. Jiang Qinglian wasn’t able to catch it, but Xuxu did.

She pulled Jiang Qinglian and led her inside. And again, she consoled, “Let’s eat first. We haven’t found Wang Bin yet. After we find him, the police would still need to conduct further investigations.”

Jiang Qinglian glanced at Xuxu and asked, “Still no news of Wang Bin?”

Xuxu glanced at Yan Rusheng without answering. He sat there with a piece of toast in his hand, spreading jam all over it.