Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Not Allowed To Work

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This fellow may seem aloof and arrogant on the surface, and he could easily offend people with his mean words, but in actuality, deep within he was a warm and passionate person.

Yan Rusheng must have felt extremely anxious and worried.

Xuxu silently berated him before she turned to Jiang Qinglian. “I don’t think there are any news yet, if the police already found him, they would have informed us right away.”

“Wang Bin is an old employee and the old madam groomed him for many years.” Jiang Qinglian began to get agitated. She then continued, “How could someone of his age do something foolish together with Runan. He has lived in vain!”

Xuxu quietly listened to her rants.

At that moment, all First Aunt wanted was to make sure Second Brother would stir clear from all charges. If given the chance, she would have offered to take the rap in his behalf.

Xuxu ushered Jiang Qinglian to a chair and sat beside her.

Yan Rusheng passed her the toast he had just buttered. “Hurry up and eat. The porridge is getting cold.”

Xuxu passed the toast to Jiang Qinglian instead. “First Aunt, you eat this.”

Of course, Yan Rusheng didn’t say anything.

He began buttering another toast for her.

Jiang Qinglian stared at the toast in her hands and heaved a heavy sigh. She took a bite and drank some milk.

Feeling relieved, Xuxu placed a fried egg on a slice of bread and passed it to her.

“You should eat more instead.” Jiang Qinglian gave her a half-hearted smile. “Xuxu, if you have time, you should come to C City. Your second sister-in-law is pregnant as well, and she has been complaining that she is too bored at home.”

At the mention of his son and daughter-in-law, a bright smile appeared on her face. “She has a huge appetite these days, and her cravings have increased. Recently, she was craving for mutton soup so she woke Runan up in the middle of the night. She even insisted that he had to buy from a particular stall.”

“Second Brother really dotes on Second Sister-in-law,” Xuxu casually exclaimed.

Yan Rusheng, who sat across Xuxu, deciphered it differently.

He thought, “Didn’t I dote on you as well?” More thoughts passed through his mind. “I also hope that you would cling to me, and you would wake me up in the middle of the night, too.”

Jiang Qinglian smiled. “You can go back together with me. Your First Sister-in-law said that she misses you.”

“I need to work,” Xuxu replied, “Maybe next time.”

Jiang Qinglian was startled. “You went back to Flourish & Prosper?”

Xuxu hummed as she hesitated. She then laughed. “No, I’m working elsewhere for a short period. I just want to pass the time.”

She was worried that First Aunt might be upset and unhappy if she knew that she was working at Su Yan’s company.

‘Sigh .’ Su Yan and Su Yue were like thorns to her.

“You’re already expecting, so why did you work?” Jiang Qinglian looked at Yan Rusheng with reproach. “Third Yan, how could you allow her to work? Xuxu is an expecting mother, so you should dote on her more. How could you allow her to work outside?”

“You’re right.” Yan Rusheng accepted her scoldings. He then turned to look at Xuxu sternly. “Wen Xuxu, from today onwards, you’re not allowed to work.”

Xuxu furiously glared at him.

Regarding other matters, he could turn a deaf ear or simply refuse to speak. But now he had become so well-behaved and obedient.

She shall ignore him!

Jiang Qinglian fell silent once more when worries engulfed her once more. She didn’t finish her breakfast.

When she sent Xuxu and Yan Rusheng out of the house, she looked at Yan Rusheng as if she had something to say. Xuxu noticed her every expression.