Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Can You Be More Serious?

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“Yan Rusheng, what actually happened?”

Xuxu sat in the car with a frown wrinkling on her forehead.

Yan Rusheng answered, “Everyone should bear the price for their own mistakes, don’t you agree?”

Xuxu lowered her head. “Well, sometimes, it’s a tough choice between kinship and one’s own conscience.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t agree with her. “It’s not a choice. The truth will come to light one day because all walls have ears.”

But he could understand how she felt for he was also feeling the same way too.

He added, “I’m sure you know better. With so many areas and parties involved, the truth will come to light one day. There’s no way to conceal it forever.”

Xuxu looked down and kept silent throughout. She very well knew that once the baseline of morality is crossed, it’ll prick on one’s conscience forever.

Yan Rusheng’s voice sounded once more. “The decision lies with Yan Runan now. He has to decide if he wants to continue walking down the wrong path or to turn back.”

Xuxu let out a heavy sigh.

Indeed, she couldn’t be like him, so calm and rational in dealing with issues.

“I’ve called and criticized the accuracy of the news article. They said that they would amend it right away. Can you take a look and see if they’ve already made the changes?”

Yan Rusheng changed the topic so suddenly that Xuxu couldn’t comprehend what he was talking about. “What changes?”

She stared at Yan Rusheng with a puzzled expression.

Yan Rusheng replied, “That you took advantage of me.”

“Scram.” Xuxu had glared at him before she fished out her cellphone. She eagerly clicked open the article to check.

Yan Rusheng felt a little smug about it. Countless times they had appeared in the headlines, and finally, there was one who had managed to bother Xuxu.

It was also rare for her to be so fastidious about the choice of words used in the article. More so, be bothered by people’s impression of her.

“There are new developments to the news about Fang Jiayin, the beautiful goddess and violinist who had tried to drug Third Young Master four years ago. That night, Third Madam Yan sacrificed herself to help Third Master but it was against her will. Third Master was the one who had taken advantage of her and benefited from it.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu…

After reading through the revised content, she regretted her decision to have it amended.

She knitted her eyebrows in annoyance. She grumbled, “What kind of editor is he? The article is so poorly written!”

It was obviously trying to depict her as a coquettish woman—one moment saying that she sacrificed herself to help him and the next moment, saying that it was against her will.

Yan Rusheng became gloomy. “What is it now?”

“Just drive.” Xuxu raised her voice at him and continued looking down at her phone, scrolling through other news on the website.

When she chanced upon the news about Fang Jiayin, she clicked to open it.

‘Fang Jiayin gave a shocking disclosure this morning about drugging Third Young Master. She had commented on someone’s Weibo account that everything is untrue and that she’ll be taking legal actions to defend herself.’

When Xuxu saw this news, she turned and looked at Yan Rusheng in a calm and composed manner. “Did she really drug you? Can you recall?”

Yan Rusheng deliberated for a while before nodding his head. “I think so.”

It seemed that he wasn’t so sure about it.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows. “Can you be more certain? Were you drugged? Don’t you even know if you’ve been drugged or not?”

Yan Rusheng turned and grinned widely at her. “I only know that I felt very satisfied!”

Xuxu could only use the word ‘lewd’ to describe that grin on his face. With a darkened face, she chastised him, “Can you be more serious? Fang Jiayin now wants to go through legal channels to defend her rights because she said that the news was untrue.”

Yan Rusheng nonchalantly responded, “Let her do what she wants. What has this got to do with me?”