Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Did She Already Guessed It?

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Xuxu looked at Yan Rusheng who was at the driver’s seat. She was curious, and so she asked, “Who do you think is the whistle-blower? How could the person know so much in details?”

She was now as curious as a baby. There was a cunning smile on Yan Rusheng’s face, and he nonchalantly said, “I don’t care who the person is, but I’m pretty certain that he’s a good person.”

Xuxu pursed her lips and wore a worried frown. She said, “I do feel that this person is helping us. But if Fang Jiayin really takes legal action and the police found out that the culprit doesn’t have any evidence, then he’ll be guilty of slander.”

“My wife, you really shouldn’t be concerned about this at all.” Yan Rusheng started to get annoyed. “You don’t even know the culprit, so why are you so worried?”

There was a tinge of jealousy in his tone.

Xuxu nodded her head. She then twisted her words. “I also think that this person has ill intentions. Even if this matter was true, it was already in the past. What are his motives for disclosing it publicly and for tarnishing her reputation? How’s Fang Jiayin going to face the world?”

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows again. “My wife, soft-heartedness is a disease.”

Xuxu let out a sigh. “A woman won’t make things difficult for another woman. This whistle-blower is up to no good, and Fang Jiayin will hate me even more now.”

Yan Rusheng asked, “Why are you afraid that she’ll hate you?”

Xuxu shook her head. She heaved a sorrowful sigh. “Men are truly heartless. After all, she had wasted almost four years of her youth on you.”

“Can we talk about something else?” Yan Rusheng immediately diverted the topic. “What would you like to eat tonight? Let me bring you out for dinner.”

Xuxu shot him a cold expression. “I don’t feel like eating with you. I’ve already made plans to have dinner with Yueyue.”

“Bring me along.”

“First Aunt will be home, so you better go back for dinner.”

The car turned into a lane in front of the studio, and they pulled to a stop at the entrance. Xuxu unfastened her seatbelt and opened the car. Her foot had already touched the ground when she recalled something, so she quickly turned back to look at Yan Rusheng. “That whistle-blower is too mean and shameless. Wait until Fang Jiayin takes him to court and we’ll see if he can produce any evidence.”

Without taking a second look at Yan Rusheng, she got off the car and slammed the door shut.

The door to the studio was opened, and Xuxu strutted in.

Yan Rusheng watched her and seemed bewildered. He tightly knitted his eyebrows together.

“This dumb woman, did she already guessed it?”

At Voice of Hope Music School, a woman was seated on a huge office chair in the principal’s office. Her beautiful face was shrouded with gloom.

She was gripping a pen with a slightly broken shaft in her hand.

Knock, knock, knock.

The rapping on the door interrupted her train of thoughts. She lifted her head and looked towards it. She coldly called out, “Come in.”

The person standing outside could probably tell that she wasn’t in a good mood. They gingerly wrenched open the door.

The door opened slowly. A middle-aged lady dressed in a formal suit sauntered in. “Miss Fang.”

She nodded at Fang Jiayin and then walked over to her. She said, “The school entrance is still surrounded by reporters. A few parents are also standing there, requesting to terminate the lessons.”

Upon hearing this, Fang Jiayin grasped her pen even harder. There was a faint trace of coldness in her eyes.