Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 710

Chapter 710 More Than Meets The Eye

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"The violin school at Gold Wing Building called to inform that theyve found a new violin teacher."

"Over at Flourish & Splendor"

As her female assistant updated her, Fang Jiayin suddenly grabbed the pen holder on her desk and flung it hard on the ground to vent her anger. She snarled at her assistant, "I heard it. Stop saying anymore and get out!"

Seeing her in this manner, her assistant didnt dare to linger on and hastily left.

Seeing that her female assistant had vanished out of sight, Fang Jiayin stood up and walked towards the door. She opened the door and took a peek outside. After that, she walked back to sit down on her chair.

She opened her laptop and launched her WeChat as she put on her Bluetooth. She made a video call to Qin Shaomin.

The call got through and Qin Shaomin, with his golden-colored hair, appeared on the screen.

He smiled and greeted, "Jiayin."

An expression of dislike flashed across Fang Jiayins eyes. She asked with an icy tone, "Hows it? Have you found the whistle-blower?"

"Not yet." Qin Shaomin shook his head, and his face turned serious.

"Incompetent!" Fang Jiayin lashed out at Qin Shaomin as she clenched her fist tightly and gnashed her teeth. "Wen Xuxu, it must be that wretched Wen Xuxu."

She shifted her gaze back to Qin Shaomin in the screen. "You idiot! Cant even accomplish such a small thing. You promised that you would disfigure Wen Xuxu, but failed! You also screwed up your recent trip to the Coastal County. Just what can you do?"

Qin Shaomin replied in a fawning manner, "Jiayin, dont be anxious. Ill definitely teach Yan Rusheng a lesson and take revenge for you."

Fang Jiayin looked at him and spoke with disdain and contempt. "Who do you think you are?"

Her tone was full of sarcasm.

Qin Shaomin knitted his eyebrows and coldly retorted, "Other than coming from a humble background, I am in no other way inferior to him."

Fang Jiayin sneered, "Youre all talk and no action."

Despite being mocked by Fang Jiayin time and again, Qin Shaomin wasnt in the least upset. He continued speaking to her in a polite manner. "I found some juicy news, and Im sure youll be interested to hear it."

Fang Jiayin was as cold as before. "Speak."

Qin Shaomin spoke in a hushed tone. "Theres some inside story to Flourish & Prospers recent crisis."

Fang Jiayin knitted her eyebrows. She was getting impatient. "Cut the crap. Go straight to the point."

Qin Shaomin didnt keep her in suspense. "Yan Rusheng is quite indifferent towards the crisis, and he had left it to the police to search for Wang Bin, their previous person-in-charge. If he steps in, Im sure hell definitely be more efficient than the police."

True enough, Fang Jiayins interest was aroused. She narrowed her eyes in crude suspicion. "You mean theres more than meets the eye?"

"Mm." Qin Shaomin nodded and said, "Late last night, Yan Weiyes wife, Jiang Qinglian arrived in the capital city and went home together with Yan Rusheng, but Yan Weiye was nowhere in sight."

After getting all fidgety, Fang Jiayin found it hard to calm herself down for her to think properly. She spoke rather impatiently, "So what are you trying to say?"

"According to my investigation, Jiang Qinglian had never interfered in Flourish & Prospers matters. But for this recent crisis, why did she come instead of Yan Weiye?" said Qin Shaomin in a serious tone. "I found out that Yan Weiye had a close relationship with Wang Bin, and they were once in charge of Flourish & Prospers factory together."