Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Please Mind Your Words

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“Wang Bin was a loyal employee at Flourish & Prosper, and all these years, the late elderly Mrs. Yan treated him kindly. So why did he want to harm Flourish & Prosper when he’s already at the brink of retirement?”

After hearing Qin Shaomin expressing his doubts over the crisis, Fang Jiayin shut her eyes to compose herself. She had to reflect upon the entire matter.

After mulling over it, she opened her eyes and looked at Qin Shaomin. “Think of a way to get hold of Wang Bin.”

“I’m already looking for him,” proclaimed Qin Shaomin as he grinned.

But Fang Jiayin ignored him, and she continued, “That wretched Su Yue… you have many ‘brothers’ out there right?”

As she said that, an evil look flashed across her eyes.

Qin Shaomin right away understood her meaning and nodded. “I got it.”

A lecherous smile appeared on his face. “But I have no interest in her. I’m only interested in you.”

“If you can’t get hold of Wang Bin by tomorrow night, don’t ever look me up again,” coldly reminded Fang Jiayin. She then turned off the screen without giving him a chance to speak any further.

She took off her Bluetooth before placing her fingers to touch her seemingly bright and smooth cheeks—only she could feel the two uneven scars on her face.

She clenched her fists. ‘Su Yue!’

“Let us in. We’ve paid so much for school fees because of her popularity. But she has such a foul reputation now, and if we allow our children to continue learning under her, it will make them a laughingstock in the future.”

“Precisely. We demand a refund of our school fees.”

“Please don’t force your way through. Let me go in and pass the message first. ”

“Pass what message? She’s been hiding in the office behaving like a coward. Is she afraid to face up to it?”

Hearing the din outside the door, a cold and gloomy expression flashed across Fang Jiayin’s eyes.

‘Wen Xuxu, you’ve destroyed all that I have. I’ll make sure that you also suffer a complete defeat and fall from grace.’

As the commotion got louder, Fang Jiayin stood up and strode with heavy steps to the door and opened it.

There were eight furious looking parents blocking the entrance.

They got increasingly agitated the moment they saw Fang Jiayin. They raved, “We demand a refund of our school fees.”

“Is it because our lessons are poorly conducted? There ought to be a reason for your request.”

“We wanted to let our children learn under you because you had a good reputation. But now that you’re plagued with so much bad press, it’s of little value to continue having lessons with you.”

“That’s right. You may look beautiful, but your heart is so evil.”

“We really can’t judge a book by its cover, but we demand a full refund right away.”

Those who would dare to stir trouble are usually people who are relatively shrew. They wouldn’t think twice about mincing their words.

When Fang Jiayin heard this, she shivered in anger and clenched both fists tightly, fighting hard to control her emotions. She glared at those parents with neither feeling of inferiority or superiority in her eyes. “There’s no clause in the school enrolment contract which referred to our teacher’s reputation, right? Your children are enrolled in this school to learn the violin. So what has my private life got to do you with all of you?”

The parents furiously shook their head. “You are really shameless. Your private life is such a mess. Who would still dare let their child be taught by you? We want a refund now.”

Fang Jiayin started to lose her patience. “Please mind your words.”

“What’s wrong? Isn’t this it the truth? There had been earlier reports that you came in between the relationship between Third Young Master and his wife. You even portrayed yourself as the victim, nearly causing the couple to end up in a divorce. Yet, you still have the cheek to deny it all. We had all been taken in by you.”