Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 712

Chapter 712 What's Wrong With A Woman Making The First Move?

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“With your qualities, you can easily find a rich husband and lead a prim and proper life. Yet, as a woman, you have no regard for self-love.”

“Precisely. Should your parents come to know that their daughter is a home wrecker they would be bitterly disappointed.”

“Do you think your participation in charity works could help cover the ugly side of you?”

Fang Jiayin’s face turned green from anger. “If you don’t get lost, I will call the police.”

If they continued raving, there would be no guarantee she could hold back her emotions.

“If you would refund the costly school fees to us, we would definitely leave.”

The parents refused to concede defeat so easily.

Fang Jiayin looked at her assistant who was standing next to her. She coldly instructed, “Call the police and get them to come.”

After that, she turned around and went back to her office.

Some parents tried to squeeze their way through, but her female assistant managed to block the door. But as a result, some of them badly scratched her face.

“Please leave. If you’re dissatisfied, you can take us to court. We’ll wait for the court summons.”

After that, the parents gave up forcing their way in. ” Hmph . Then just wait for the court summons.”

When one backed off, the rest of them followed suit.

Before they walked off, they had pointed at Fang Jiayin and threatened her.

It was all peace and quiet at the entrance again. Fang Jiayin stood in front of her office desk—the hatred in her eyes grew deeper. When her assistant turned around to face her, the eerie chill imbued on Jiayin’s eyes shook and made her tremble for a moment.

“Miss Fang, I’ll go back to my work first.” She quickly shut the door after her.


Fang Jiayin exploded. She bent over and pushed everything on her desk onto the floor. After giving out a yell, she plonked herself back onto the chair.

She looked at the pieces of paper and stationeries that were strewn all over the floor with resentment. She clenched her fists hard; her fingernails digging into her own flesh.

‘With your qualities, you can easily find a rich husband and lead a prim and proper life. Yet, as a woman, you have no regard for self-love.’

‘Do you think your participation in charity works would help cover the ugly side of you?’

She had loved him for years, and he had given her a beautiful dream. However, despite knowing it was merely a dream, she refused to come to her senses.

He only had eyes for Wen Xuxu. No matter what occasion or where they were, as long as Xuxu was around, he would fix his eyes on her.

Even when he had gone public with his relationship with her to the point of including her in all his social engagements, even when everyone deemed them to be the most compatible couple—she never once experienced a sense of reality.

Other than giving her a peck on the cheeks after his friends egged him on, he had never once held her hand when they were together. It was a great humiliation for her.

They dated for three years, but their relationship never went beyond a peck on the cheeks. And seeing they were fast approaching graduation, she knew that she had no choice but to wake up from the beautiful dream once they graduate.

How she wished to continue with her dream and be Yan Rusheng’s woman. What was wrong with that? Between a man and a woman, what was wrong with the woman making the first move?

They were clearly in a relationship back then—they were a couple. Xuxu was the shameless one who secretly climbed onto her boyfriend’s bed. But why was everyone pointing their fingers at her when the matter got exposed? Even to the point of calling her shameless?

Was it just because Wen Xuxu is the current Madam Yan?

The more Fang Jiayin mulled over it, the more she couldn’t take it lying down. She emitted a murderous aura all over her.

‘Wen Xuxu, you’re a sl*t. You ruined my plans three years ago and destroyed my life. If I don’t destroy you, I, Fang Jiayin would have lived in vain.’