Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 713

Chapter 713 She Hates Men Who Look For Mistresses

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The famous celebrity Jue was coming in two days, and it had Su Yan cooped up in his work studio the whole day. He was working hard to ensure that everything was perfect.

Xuxu helped him to check the tiny details and accessories on the costumes.

The sky turned dark. She sat across Su Yan with a cup of water. She asked, “Tonight, I’m bringing Su Yue out for dinner. Do you want to join us?”

Su Yan raised his head and grinned. “Since you have invited me so sincerely, I shall humble myself and join you.”

His pair of deep eyes looked like crescents when he smiled. He gave off a warm and alluring charm.

Xuxu frowned and worry filled her eyes.

Su Yan saw she was staring at him in a daze, and so he stroked his face. He joked, “Have you finally realized that I’m more handsome than my third brother?”

“As if!” Xuxu rolled her eyes and sighed. “Can you please make more effort to show concern for Yueyue? You should bring her out on the weekends. Stop focusing on yourself.”

They were siblings yet they were so different. The brother was cheerful and warm, but the sister was pessimistic and moody.

She couldn’t understand why their mother sent Su Yue to the orphanage. It’s not as if she couldn’t afford to bring her up.

Poor Yueyue.

“Did you think I didn’t try?” Su Yan wiped the grin off his face. He then took a sip from his cup.

Xuxu cast him a puzzled look. “Why?”

Did he have any hidden troubles?

“Ha!” Su Yan grimly laughed. “I bet you assumed that she treats everyone else just like how she treats you.”

Xuxu remained silent as she frowned. He continued, “When she is with me, she doesn’t speak. I’ve tried asking her to travel with me, but she would always decline to say that she needed to study.”

He placed his cup down, pulled a chair and settled down. “If she will stay with me, I would find us a place right away.”

It shocked Xuxu to hear that Su Yue didn’t even want to talk to Su Yan. She couldn’t seem to recall them having much interaction. To be frank, there was only once or twice when she caught them having a conversation.

Every day, Su Yue would go back to her room straight after school. It was only when Xuxu was at home that Su Yue would go seek her help with school work.

Xuxu couldn’t suppress another sigh. “So, we need to care more about her.”

It made her worry over the child even more.

“So, I need to trouble you in the future to accompany her. She has never been close to anyone, and she was aloof and distant even towards…”

Su Yan didn’t continue and only pressed his lips.

Xuxu could hazard a guess which person he was referring to.

She was sent to the orphanage when she was young. No matter how dire her circumstances were, Su Yue’s mother should never have done that. And furthermore, she had the ability to raise them. Unless she had rejected First Uncle’s support and money all these years, only then would she believe that she had sent Su Yue to the orphanage.

Perhaps she was biased towards mistresses and third parties.

But without question, she hates men who look for mistresses even more.

Xuxu stopped her train of thoughts and replied, “You’ve finally addressed me as your sister-in-law.”

Su Yan pouted. “It’s a pity we met too late but it can’t be helped. I wanted to address you differently, but my dear brother was unwilling.”

“Stop your nonsense.” Xuxu glanced at the time. “We need to fetch Yueyue now.”