Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Women Dont Speak From Their Heart

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Xuxu stood up and went back to her office.

Her phone was ringing when she stepped in, and so she hastened her footsteps. It was Yan Rusheng.

She answered with a ‘hello’ and tidied her desk.

Yan Rusheng asked, “What time do you get off work?”

Xuxu answered, “Didn’t I tell you I would eat dinner with Su Yue?”

Yan Rusheng grunted before pressing on. “Where are you heading to? After dinner, I’ll meet you.”

“It’s alright, we will stay out quite late.” Xuxu paused for a moment. “Why don’t you accompany First Aunt so that her thoughts won’t run wild when she’s alone.”

First Aunt must felt anxious and worried during this period.

And if Su Yue and First Aunt were both at home, either of them won’t feel comfortable. So, she and Yan Rusheng would have to split up.

“I really envy that young lass.” Yan Rusheng spoke in a soft but mischievous tone. “Then I’ll head out with First Aunt for a while. When you get home tonight, don’t you sneak back to your own room.”

Xuxu gritted her teeth. “Yan Rusheng!”

Yan Rusheng slyly replied with a snort. “Then I shall meet you instead.”

Somehow it felt like First Aunt was her aunt rather than his. Xuxu closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I’ll give you a kiss.”

Young Master Yan immediately perked up. “Where?”

It was obvious how much intimacy and attention he was deprived of. He could get so excited at the mention of a kiss from his own wife.

Xuxu grudgingly answered, “Lips.”

“Deal!” Young Master Yan agreed almost instantly, and he changed to a gentle tone. “Come back early.”

Xuxu could hear the triumph in his voice and hung up without another word. She grabbed her bag and phone and turned around…

“Oh my!” she exclaimed and then raised her head. “When did you get here?”

Su Yan was watching her from the entrance and he had a sly grin.

He pointed to Xuxu’s phone, and he casually replied, “When you said I’ll give you a kiss .”

Xuxu glared at him. “Rude.”

She walked past him and said, “Hurry, Su Yue’s lessons are almost over.”

Su Yan closely trailed after her. “To think he had such a childish side.”

Disdain was clear from his tone.

Xuxu threw him a dirty look. “You’re the one who is childish. This is called romance alright?”

Su Yan was sulky…

Xuxu was apparently unwilling earlier on, and she looked annoyed. But now, she had jumped to his defense. Where were her principles?

“Women don’t speak from their heart.”

Su Yan threw her a contemptuous look and overtook her. He took out his car keys.

“May I know if this is Xuxu Rusheng’s work studio?”

An unfamiliar woman’s voice sounded.

Su Yan and Xuxu turned at the same time. A voluptuous young woman was standing near the entrance. She was wearing a bright blue coat and carrying a pink Hermes bag. Her long elaborately curled locks tumbled past her shoulders, and she looked exceedingly flamboyant.

“Yes,” answered Su Yan and nodded. He walked towards her. “Who are you looking for?”

The astonishment in the woman’s eyes was clear from the moment she spotted Su Yan. She eagerly extended her hand. “You must be Director Su. I’m Mao Lili. A friend introduced your company to me. I would like to make a photo album of myself.”