Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Ill Give Her A Call

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Su Yan’s gaze briefly swept past the woman’s hand. He then shook her hand. “We are closed for the day, please come back tomorrow.”

He retracted his hand.

“I’ve come specially from another city! My friend said that you customize costumes for clients.”

Mao Lili stood in front of Su Yan and she had earnestly said it.

Su Yan frowned and a streak of impatience flashed across his eyes. “We’ve already ended work for today. If you are really keen on taking photos, please go to our main office tomorrow instead. This is only a work studio, and we don’t accept projects here.”

He strode past her without a second look.

He had parked his car at the entrance, and after unlocking his car, he turned around to Xuxu. “Xuxu, hurry up.”

Xuxu saw how aloof Su Yan had appeared. She thought to herself, “What an arrogant boss!”

A deal came knocking on his door and he was still so picky. Only the Yan brothers could do something like that.

Mao Lili was awkward, and she looked at Xuxu. “Pretty lady, I’m serious about taking photos.”

She walked towards Xuxu.

Xuxu lightly replied, “But we’ve ended work for the day and we have something on later. Please go to the main office tomorrow. There will be experts there to help you with your requests.”

Su Yan had already offended this lady without batting an eyelid, so why should she be afraid of doing so?

Mao Lili answered, “I’m rushing back first thing tomorrow morning. I thought I could discuss with you regarding the style and design I wanted. So you could design the costumes for me first and I’ll shoot the photos next time. It should be really quick.”

Xuxu was speechless. If she had the money, she could have taken the photos anywhere.

Su Yue stood at the entrance as she watched her classmates being picked up by their chauffeurs. Eagerness was obvious judging from her expression.

A white Cadillac stopped in front of her.

A middle-aged man got off the car and walked to Su Yue. He bowed and said, “Miss, today chauffeur Chen isn’t free. President Yan told me to fetch you.”

Su Yue’s face fell with disappointment. “Where is Third sister-in-law?”

It startled the middle-aged man before he instantly composed himself. “President Yan has instructed me to fetch you there.”

Su Yue happily nodded. “Alright.”

She clenched the bag in her hand and walked to the back of the car.

The middle-aged man walked forward and opened the door for her.

Su Yue bent her back and placed the bag inside first before getting in.

After closing the door, the man swiftly leaped back to the front seat.

He shut the door and started the engine.

He seemed rushed and anxious, and it aroused Su Yue’s suspicions. She craned her neck to take a better look at him.

The man didn’t notice that Su Yue was surveying him. It was only when he reached a traffic light junction that he saw Su Yue was peering at him.

His eyes met Su Yue’s eyes, and he gave an involuntary shudder.

“Where is my Third sister-in-law?” Su Yue suddenly asked.

There was fleeting guilt in the man’s eyes before he smiled. “She is waiting at home.”

“I’ll call her.” Su Yue fumbled for her phone in her bag.

The corners of the man’s mouth jerked.

Su Yue had memorized Xuxu’s number, and she dialed it straight away. But she did not get through her line.