Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 716

Chapter 716 I Want To Open The Window

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Su Yue frowned and glanced once more at the stranger. Fear filled her eyes as she clenched her hands tightly. Her fingernails gradually drained of color.

She felt something was amiss, but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was.

She tried frantically to recall the chauffeur’s face, but it seemed like she had never seen him before.

Su Yue deliberated for a moment before asking, “Uncle, what’s your name?”

The middle-aged man softly answered, “President Yan calls me Old Yuan.”

He glanced at the rearview mirror as he answered.

Su Yue noticed him glancing at her and her nervousness heightened. She stared at the road, her thoughts running wild.

She casually pointed at a bubble tea shop a distance away and politely asked, “Can you stop at the roadside? I want to buy bubble tea.”

The middle-aged man managed a weak smile. “Miss, we will reach home soon. Third Madam Yan is waiting for you.”

A wave of fear struck her once again, and she softly said, “But my third sister-in-law promised me she will bring me out today.”

He answered, “Third Madam Yan will probably bring you out after you’ve reached home. President Yan instructed me to fetch you, I’m not sure of the other details.”

Su Yue quietly stared at her phone. It had no service connection.

An idea struck her, and she tried to open the window furtively. But no matter how she tried, it wouldn’t budge. She asked, “Can you open the window? I’m feeling warm.”

He laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous, how can it be hot in this weather?”

Su Yue frowned. “I want to open the window!”

She felt flustered as her eyes darted around. And unknowingly, she raised her voice.

“If you feel warm, I’ll turn off the heater,” he said as he stretched his hand to turn the heater off.

It was the beginning of the year, and it was still quite cold in the capital city.

An icy gleam flashed in her eyes as she repeated. “I want to open the window!”

The man was shocked to see how serious she looked. He gave an awkward laugh. “Miss, don’t be so fussy. We’re almost home soon.”

He ignored her and stepped on the accelerator.

The white Cadillac weaved in and out of the traffic as it sped on.

Su Yue tightly clenched her fist while the other held on to her cell phone. The man’s face made her terrified.

Suddenly, she hurled her phone at him, and it hit the back of his head. “Open the window! I want to open the window!”

Su Yue was livid, and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The middle-aged man felt that his eardrums were bursting, and his head was in pain. He yelled back, “No way! I will never open the window! Be still!”

The roads were congested with cars. He had to handle Su Yue and concentrate on driving at the same time. Clearly, he was rather helpless as he tried to focus on both.

‘Bang, bang, bang!’

Su Yue used her fists to pound on the windows with force when she saw that the man didn’t relent.

Her actions flustered the man. “What are you doing? Stop pounding on that!”

“I want to open the window. I want to open the window!” Su Yue repeated over and over again. It seemed that she was also muttering to herself, too.

Her hands didn’t stop pounding the window, and it seemed like she was venting her anger.