Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Shes A Weirdo

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As their car was traveling on the main road, there were other cars around them. Hence, her actions would definitely arouse curious stares.

The middle-aged man was losing his focus. One moment, he was looking in the front and the next moment, he turned back and looked at Su Yue. As a result, the car kept swerving, and this annoyed the other drivers who incessantly honked.

"Wind down the window. I want to wind down the window"

Su Yue continued yelling and pounding on the window.

"Stop making a fuss. Ill wind it down in a while," he shouted. He immediately turned back to maintain his focus on the road ahead.

As they were fast approaching a slip road ahead, he picked up speed and exited the main road.

There were lesser vehicles along the side road, and so the middle-aged man heaved a sigh of relief. But before he could relax completely, Su Yue suddenly stuck her head forward.

The man got a shock. "Ahhh what are you trying to do?"

"My cellphone." Su Yue pushed the man forward to retrieve back her phone. After that, she lifted her head and looked at him. "I want to open the window."

"Why do you want to open the window?" A crafty smile flashed across the mans eyes, trying to stall for time.

Su Yue knitted her eyebrows. "My phone has no signal, and Im feeling hot."

The man was speechless and became gloomy. He asked, "You hit me with your phone just because it has no signal? Do you know your manners?"

Su Yue raised her eyebrows and there was a look of suspicion on her face. "Youre a bad person, so why must I be courteous to you?"

The mans face turned even more gloomy. "How can you tell that Im a bad person?"

Su Yue ignored his question and continued ranting away. "Wind down the window, I want to wind down the window."

The man was speechless.

"Old Yuan, hows everything? Wheres the girl?"

Suddenly, there was a sound coming from the glove compartment. The man stretched his hand and took out a walkie-talkie and heaved a sigh of relief. "Were finally here."

After mumbling to himself, he spoke into the walkie-talkie with a deep and angry tone. "Shut up. You set me up. Shes a weirdo."

He threw the walkie-talkie back into the glove compartment. He looked around to size up the surrounding.

Suddenly, a small figure lunged at him from behind and the mans eyes widened in shock. Before he could even react, Su Yue already had her arms wound around his neck.

"Hey, wretched lass!" He grabbed hold of Su Yues arm in response and pried her arm away.

Since Su Yue wasnt as strong as him, she grabbed her phone using the other hand and hammered his head with all her might. "Open the window."

The mans rage intensified, and he harshly pushed Su Yue away. "Get lost, you bad lass. Weirdo!"

Su Yue fell backward onto her seat. She stared at the man with a murderous glare.

The next moment, she reached for her schoolbag, unzipped it and took out a dagger.

The man saw her from the rear mirror and stared at her in horror. "Lass"


Before the man could finish his sentence, Su Yue plunged the dagger onto his back with all her strengththe 10cm long blade sank deep into his flesh.

Blood gushed out from his back, and he immediately depressed the car brakes.

However, the murderous spirit in Su Yue didnt diminish. She pulled out the dagger and raised it up.

Bearing with the pain, the man reached out to grab her wrist in an attempt to stop her.

It was a deep stab, and the man eyebrows twitched in pain. He attempted to snatch the dagger from Su Yue, but she unexpectedly stretched out her other hand and snatched it over without giving him a chance to.