Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Wont Be Easily Taken In

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"Bad guy." She plunged the dagger at the man again, while the man immediately stretched out his hand to block it.

Unfortunately, Su Yue was too fast for him and the blade slit across the back of his arm, almost cutting off a layer of his skin.

Fresh blood splattered all over Su Yues face.

The man wailed in pain, but Su Yue still had no intention to let him off. She stabbed him viciously again at the back of his head.

"Youre a freaking pervert!" The man dodged her. He was in such intense pain that he had lost all his strength to put up a struggle with Su Yue. Looking at her childlike face, which didnt seem to fit her devilish and vicious behavior, he felt as if he had met with a devil king from hell. He frantically opened the door and jumped off the car.

Blood stained the drivers seat.

When Su Yue saw the man got off the car, the look on her face gradually went back to normal.

"Old Yuan, whats the situation now?"

All of a sudden, three youths walked towards him. They had dyed hair and wore gaudy clothes.

When they saw the middle-aged man with stab wounds, it horrified them. They immediately rushed forward to hold him.

"She" The man pointed weakly to the Su Yue who was still in the car. " is a pervert."

The three youths shifted their gaze towards the car, and it had caught everyone in a shock when they saw Su Yue.

Su Yue grabbed some tissues and was wiping her dagger with no hint of urgency, cleaning it seriously without paying attention to her surroundings.

She was totally absorbed in her own world.

One youth withdrew his gaze from Su Yue and looked back at the middle-aged man. "She stabbed you?"

He simply couldnt believe his eyes.

He wasnt the only one. The other two youths also found it hard to believe that a frail-looking girl could be so vicious. Whats more startling was the fact that she actually had a knife with her.

The middle-aged man frowned and grimaced in pain. "Youre right."

As they were in the middle of the road, the blood on the middle-aged man invited curious stares. Passersby couldnt help but stop in their tracks and stare at them.

The youth who was holding on to the man handed him to another youth. "Xiao Song, send Old Yuan to the hospital and leave this place to us."

After that, he walked towards the drivers seat of the Cadillac and bent down to smile at Su Yue. "Little girl, give me the knife."

Su Yue stared at him innocently and said, "Where are you bringing me to?"

Seeing the innocent look in her eyes, the youth got excited and grinned at her. "Bringing you to have some fun. Hand your knife to big brother and Ill bring you out for some fun."

Having said that, he swiftly got into the car and shut the door.

The other youth also got into the front passenger seat.

Su Yue knitted her eyebrows. "Im not a kid."

She was about to open the car door, but the man at the drivers seat caught her and immediately locked the car.

When Su Yue couldnt open the door, she turned back and looked at the youth.

"I know that youre an adult, thats why big brother wants to bring you out to have fun." The youth fixed his eyes on Su Yues pretty face. His smile turned even more lecherous.

Su Yue got impatient. "I already said that Im not a kid, so you wont easily take me."

It dumbfounded the youth.

"Start the car." The youth sitting at the front passenger seat got impatient and so he hurried the man at the drivers seat.

"Pay close attention to the knife in her hand."

The man at the drivers seat pressed the ignition button and stepped on the accelerator. The car sped off at rocket speed.