Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Yueyue Was Kidnapped

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Suddenly, everything hushed down inside the car, and the two men felt a strange atmosphere.

"These are all the money I have." Su Yue took out all the money from her purse, including the coins in the front pocket of her schoolbag. The total amount added up to 200 yuan and she handed them to the men.

The two men looked at the money in her hands, which ranged from 50 cents coins to 100 yuan notes, and their mouths twitched.

"Little girl, we dont want your money. We want you instead."

When the men rejected her money, she lowered her head and frowned.

"Yan Rusheng, did you get the driver to pick Su Yue?"

At the school entrance, Xuxu and Su Yuan heard that a white car had fetched Su Yue, and they got anxious.

She had already told Su Yue in the morning that she would take her out for dinner. She had specifically informed the driver not to pick her up. Yet now, someone had taken Su Yue away.

She had a premonition that something bad had happened.

She obviously knew that Yan Rusheng wouldnt send someone to pick up Su Yue without first informing her, but she didnt know who else to ask.

The reply that Yan Rusheng gave her over the phone was what she had expectedno.

Xuxus anxious voice traveled over the call. "When Su Yan and I arrived at the school, the security guard told us that a white car had fetched Su Yue. So, I called Old Chen, but it wasnt him."

Yan Rusheng calmed her down. "Dont be anxious yet. Ill come over now. Get the school to check through their surveillance camera for the car plate number and brand."

"Su Yan is looking through it now." Xuxu looked towards the security room as she spoke and Su Yan happened to walk out. She walked towards him at a fast pace. "Su Yan, did you see the car? What car is it?"

"A white Cadillac." Su Yan paused without continuing. There was a tensed look in his eyesan expression that Xuxu had never seen before.

Xuxu anxiously grabbed at his arms. "What happened?"

Su Yan said, "The car plate number is a fake one."

The car plate number was fake

It meant that someone had plotted to take Yueyue awayYueyue was kidnapped!

The cellphone almost slid off her hand. Yan Rusheng was still on the other line, but Xuxu had spaced out for quite a while. When she snapped out of her daze, she anxiously spoke, "Yan Rusheng, Su Yue could have been kidnapped."

Yan Rusheng overheard the conversation between Xuxu and Su Yan. He said, "A white Cadillac? Ill get people to look for it right away."

He immediately hung up and headed for the elevator.

At that moment, his phone rang again, and he looked at the caller IDit was Ming Ansheng. He answered the call. "I am not free to talk to you now."

The elevator arrived, and he was about to end the call.

Ming Anshengs anxious voice sounded over the phone. "Did something happened to Su Yue?"

Yan Rusheng halted his steps. "How do you know?"

When Ming Ansheng heard Yan Rushengs tensed voice, it confirmed his suspicion. He said, "I received a call from Su Yues phone number, but the caller was a stranger who had picked up her phone on the road. The phone was stained with blood."

Stained with blood

Yan Rushengs heart tightened. "She could have been kidnapped."

Ming Ansheng continued, "Ive already arranged to meet with the person at the same spot she found the phone. Im reaching soon."

He hung up after that and took off his blue tooth before speeding off.

The GPS navigation showed that he had arrived at the location. His shrewd eyes turned exceptionally sharp, and he spotted a middle-aged woman standing at the side of the road from a distance. She was holding a white-colored phone in her hand and glancing nervously to her left and right.