Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 720

Chapter 720 Let Me Out

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He stepped on the accelerator and drove towards her, stopping his car precisely in front of the lady.

When he got down from the car, a gust of wind lifted the corner of his suit.

The middle-aged lady moved towards Ming Ansheng. “Are you here to collect the phone?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Ming Ansheng nodded his head and looked at the woman who was holding the phone in her hand. His heart sankit was Su Yue’s phone with a snowflake sticker on it.

The screen of her adorably decorated phone was cracked. Dried blood stains were all over it.

“There was only one phone number in her phone book, but the line was always engaged when I called. There were only three numbers in her call history, but only yours got through.”

The middle-aged lady explained to Ming Ansheng. He stretched out his hand to receive the phone from her. “Thank you very much.”

After thanking her, he didn’t linger any longer and immediately turned around to go back into his car.

In the car, he started the engine as he put on his blue-tooth. He then dialed Yan Rusheng’s number. “Hello, I’ve already got hold of Su Yue’s cellphone. It’s located at the intersection between Bright Vision Road and the eastern suburbs. Check the surrounding surveillance cameras. I’ll drive along the road and ask around as well.”

He finished speaking in one breath and ended the call without waiting for Yan Rusheng to respond.

When he arrived at the intersection, Ming Ansheng was at a loss when he saw cars fast approaching in all directions.

He took a glance at the Su Yue’s phone in the glove compartment and he furrowed his eyebrows.

‘There was only one phone number in her phone book There were only three numbers in her call history’

The words of the middle-aged lady echoed in his ears. Ming Ansheng picked up her phone and couldn’t help but felt sorry for Su Yue.

He clicked to turn the phone on. He slid his fingers across the screen.

She didn’t lock her phone. Other than the default phone apps, it only had WeChat in it.

He clicked to open the phone book, and just like what the lady mentioned, there was only one phone number stored in her phone bookThird-Sister-in-Law.

He launched her call records and other than Wen Xuxu, there were three numbers that were not from her phone book. One belonged to him and was dated a month ago. She was looking for Yan Rusheng at that time and couldn’t get through to his number. Hence, she called him to seek his help to look for Yan Rusheng.

In the end, she only replied an ‘oh’ without talking further. That very call ended up with nothing definite.

There was another number he was familiar with, and it belonged to Yan Rusheng.

As for the third number, if he was correct, it should belong to her brother, Su Yan.

This little lass was a real recluse. Most students nowadays have games and shopping apps on their phones. But her phone only contained the WeChat app with only Wen Xuxu, Su Yan, and Yan Rusheng’s phone number.

Suddenly, his phone rang again, and the caller was Yan Rusheng.

He quickly answered. “Hello.”

“I got it.”

Yan Rusheng informed him about the whereabouts of the white Cadillac and hung up. Ming Ansheng made a sharp turn and drove off at lightning speed.

In a secluded alley, a white Cadillac was parked under a huge tree. There were bloodstains all over the interior of the car. A pretty looking girl was emitting an air of foul and evil-foreboding. She was still tightly gripping on to her dagger. Blood was dripping from it, and she was waving it randomly in the air.

The two men in the front attempted to get close to her but without avail. She was making such a big fuss that they couldn’t concentrate on their driving.

“Wretched lass, I will send you to work in a night spot.” The man at the driver’s seat was using tissue papers to cover the stab wounds on his neck which Su Yue had caused. He fiercely glared at her.

How he wished he could kill her at once.

“Let me out.” Su Yue pounced on him again and jabbed him with her dagger once more.