Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 721

Chapter 721 Spirit Is Willing But The Flesh Is Weak

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But her strength had grown faint and at that instant, her spirit was willing but her flesh was weak.

Su Yue had caused a long dagger slash on the face of the man seated at the front passenger seat earlier on, and blood was continuously oozing down his chin.

Seeing Su Yue focusing her attention on the man at the driver’s seat, he ignored his pain and stretched out both hands to grab Su Yue by her waist.

And he had immobilized her.

The man at the driver’s seat immediately snatched the knife.

The next second, he plunged the knife into Su Yue’s thigh, giving it a vicious stab.

Su Yue’s small face instantly turned pale, and beads of perspiration covered her forehead. She opened her mouth wide and her crystal clear eyes were brimming with tears.

“Bad lass, how dare you to play tough with me?” The man at the front passenger seat, who was holding on to Su Yue, shoved her to the back seats with her face down. He then climbed to the back and pressed his body onto hers.

He gripped her collar and ripped it off with force.

The entire row of buttons on Su Yue’s black sweater fell off, and she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Let me go, let me go.”

The other man grabbed a huge stack of tissue papers. He had rolled them into a big ball before he shoved them into Su Yue’s mouth.

Su Yue widened her eyes in horror and tears flowed out from the corner of her eyes. However, her expression was still as naturally cold as ever.

The man’s arm traveled down to her camisole and went underneath, touching her undergarment. He grabbed hold of it and forcibly pulled it upwards together with her camisole.

The two men’s eyes sparkled with a gleam of lustful expressions, and they boldly sized up her smooth and fair back.

Su Yue loudly sobbed. The man firmly grabbed hold of her tiny wrist, causing her to wail out in pain.

“Screw her. Leader already gave instructions that we could savor her first.”

The man at the driver’s seat eagerly took off his shirt.

Seeing this sight, the man who had pressed himself on top of Su Yue bent over and kissed the girl on her back—his lips caressed her from top to bottom.

Su Yue’s tiny body was shaking profusely and her loud wails didn’t deter the men. Instead, it made them even more aroused.

“Young girls are just different, their wails are even lovelier to the ears than moans in bed,” the man licentiously commented as he kissed Su Yue.

“Let me try.” The man at the driver’s seat also squeezed to the back. But he felt that Su Yue’s clothes were a hindrance, and so he reached out to retrieve the dagger from the front seat.

He had grabbed hold of her blouse and used the sharp blade to make a cut before ripping it apart with his bare hands.

Su Yue upper body was already stark naked.

“This tiny figure is simply fabulous.” The man caressed Su Yue’s waist with his rough hand, sliding it up slowly to her shoulders before looking at the other man who was attempting to remove Su Yue’s trousers. “Carry her up. Let me have a taste of her.”

The man licentiously laughed and nodded. “Sure.”

And he loosened his grip on Su Yue’s wrists.

Ignoring her pain, Su Yue extended her hand and scratched the face of the man who was kneeling in front of her.

Next, Su Yue sank her teeth on his arm and bit it with all her strength. She ferociously glared at him until her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

The other man saw this and hurriedly gripped Su Yue by her neck. “Wretched lass, see if you still dare to be uncooperative.”

He exerted too much strength and wasn’t in the least gentle with her. Su Yue’s face turned red and only when she turned blue did the man released his grip.