Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Little Lass Dont Be Afraid

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“Lift her up!” The man that Su Yue had bitten grew furious. He sat on the seat and took off his belt and trousers. In no time, he was naked from the waist down.

Su Yue instantly closed her eyes as her tears rolled down her cheeks, falling like pearls.


There was a sudden deafening boom, and it made the car violently jerk.

“What happened?!”

It had the men—who earlier on was too absorbed with Su Yue’s beauty—shocked and terrified. They nervously raised their head and peered out of the windows.

A towering figure loomed like the God of Death as he appeared before them.


Another deafening crash resounded and the car window was smashed. A man stretched his hand inside and found the unlock button.

It had the men terrified that they didn’t even know how to react. Instinctively, they retreated away from the man instead of trying to stop him.

Su Yue opened her eyes and saw the man.

There wasn’t a trace of surprise nor happiness on her face. Instead, she looked expressionless and distant as though she was feeling nonchalant about the entire incident.

“Yueyue.” Ming Ansheng bent over. He then narrowed his eyes. There was an overwhelming and strong murderous aura emitting from him.

At that very moment, it was for the first time in his life that he felt he could rip a person to shreds.

“Don’t you dare come over! If not, we will strangle her to death.”

The two men stared in fright at Ming Ansheng’s face. It felt as if death was approaching and they both froze in fear.

One of the men wrapped his hands around Su Yue’s neck in an attempt to threaten Ming Ansheng.

“Hmph!” Ming Ansheng coldly snorted and a murderous gleam appeared in his eyes once more. “Even if you beg me on your knees, you wouldn’t be spared from an easy death.”

He stretched his hand and hooked the wrist of the man nearest to him. He twisted it in one full circle.

The man didn’t even have the chance or time to retaliate.

‘Crack, crack!’ Resounding sounds echoed in the car. The man let out an ear-piercing scream before he fainted.

The other man witnessed this entire scene, so he grabbed Su Yue and moved backward until there wasn’t any room for him to escape.

He stared at Ming Ansheng with terror in his eyes.

Ming Ansheng’s arrival was too unexpected hence they were thoroughly unprepared. They could not retaliate.

“Aren’t you going to flee?” sharply spoke Ming Ansheng as he lifted an eyebrow.

The man stared at him in disbelief and froze for a moment. Then he fervently nodded and relinquished his grip on Su Yue. “I’ll leave now. Instantly!”

He turned around. He was nervously fumbling as he opened the door.

A sly smile appeared on Ming Ansheng’s face. He stepped on the window and leaped to the top of the car in the blink of an eye. The next second, he aimed a kick at the guy’s head who had tried to flee.

His kick had caused the man to lose his consciousness, and it made the car jerk.

Ming Ansheng leaped to the ground and wrenched the door open. “Yueyue.”

After catching a glimpse of her, he shunned his vision and removed his jacket with a word. He gently covered her with it.

Then he carried her out and took her to his car.

He could feel that Su Yue was trembling badly, and he tightened his grip on her. He peered at her and his eyes shuddered at the sight of her.

It seemed that something had violently tugged on his heart as well.

Su Yue was staring at him with glistening eyes, although her expression was impassive.

In Ming Ansheng’s heart, he knew that Su Yue was using her aloofness to hide her emotions. He managed a tender smile as he consoled her. “Little lass, don’t be afraid. It’s over.”