Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Uncle Ming Thank You

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Ming Ansheng glanced back at her, she had curled herself up to a ball. It seemed like she was feeling really insecure. He couldn’t read her expression as her thick eyelashes covered her eyes.

‘Such a tiny and lovely girl, how could anyone not dote on her? But…’

A crease appeared in between Ming Ansheng’s eyebrows and he corrected her. “In the future, if you’re asking for a favor, say please send me to the hospital.”

As he spoke, he peered through the rearview mirror.

However, he had clearly overestimated his ability to convince or teach her. Su Yue was still lost in her own thoughts. She suddenly blurted out, “Don’t tell my third sister-in-law.”

Ming Ansheng was speechless…

His phone rang, and Yan Rusheng was on the other line.

He stretched out to hand her the phone. “Your third brother.”

Su Yue didn’t accept and eyed him. “It’s not my third sister-in-law.”

Ming Ansheng realized that he might be too old to understand the mindset of the younger generation.

Why was this young lass so adamant? What was the difference between her Third Brother and her Third sister-in-law?

He spoke over the phone instead. “I found her. Sending her to the hospital now.”

“Nothing serious but her leg is injured.”

“Stop the car.”

Ming Ansheng had just hung up when Su Yue spoke.

He took a swift glance at her. “Why?”

Su Yue seemed angry. “You betrayed my friendship.”

It bewildered young Master Ming. “How did I betray our friendship?”

Su Yue said, “You promised me not to tell my third sister-in-law.”

It exasperated Ming Ansheng. “Yes, I asked you to answer the call, but you didn’t want to because it’s not your third sister-in-law. I told your third brother, and besides, I didn’t promise you to keep this a secret.”

Su Yue remained speechless and bowed her head. Ming Ansheng saw her and his heart softened. He whispered, “Do you know how worried they were when they couldn’t find you?”

“Oh.” Su Yue pursed her lips. “Uncle Ming, thank you.”

She spoke in a hushed voice that it stunned Ming Ansheng. He shook his head almost resignedly. Incredibly, when the young lass thanked him, he felt flattered and overwhelmed with happiness.

Xuxu, Yan Rusheng, and Su Yan sped all the way to the hospital. A doctor was treating Su Yue when they arrived.

She was still wearing Ming Ansheng’s jacket, and it hung loosely on her. A pair of fair porcelain legs were dangling from the chair and there was still blood on her legs.

“Yueyue!” Xuxu ran towards her and hugged her.

Thank goodness, Yueyue was fine.

She heaved a sigh of relief only when she saw Su Yue with her own eyes. Her wound was very deep that she could see her bone.

Xuxu’s heart ached with pain.

“How did she get so seriously injured?!”

A knife or something sharp obviously caused it.

“I’m fine.” Su Yue smiled and shook her head. She bravely said, “It’s just a minor injury. Other than the pain, I’m fine.”

Xuxu smiled feebly at her as she caressed her head. Her eyes fell on the man’s jacket she was wearing. It doesn’t seem like she was wearing anything underneath the jacket and she got worried.

But there were too many people present, so she pressed her lips tightly.

Su Yue endured the pain and clenched Xuxu’s clothes tightly.

“Little girl, just yell if it’s painful.” The doctor noticed that Su Yue was perspiring and frowned with a smile. “Why are you trying to keep it in?”