Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 725

Chapter 725 He Only Saw Two Of Them

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Su Yue bent her head as Xuxu put her arms around her shoulders. She patted her gently, her heart ached for her.

The reason Su Yue could endure the physical pain was that the psychological suffering she went through was even more painful.

Xuxu’s suffering was temporary but Su Yue’s was over a long period. She had endured in silence and shut herself off from the world. It had probably become part of her personality.

Su Yue’s wound needed eight stitches, and she needed antibiotics as well.

Su Yue’s eyelids got heavier as she laid on the bed. She tightly clung onto Xuxu’s hand as if she might vanish any moment.

Xuxu watched Su Yue’s beautiful face as she gradually fell asleep. Worry filled her eyes once more.

Once she had fallen asleep, she slowly withdrew her hand and stood up. She adjusted her blanket and gave Su Yan a meaningful glance.

Su Yan nodded lightly.

Xuxu turned around and walked out of the ward. She closed the door gently behind her.

Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng were standing outside the ward. Xuxu cast Ming Ansheng a suspicious look. She asked, “Why was she wearing your jacket?”

Earlier on when she helped Su Yue to change her clothes, she saw wounds on her back as well.

She didn’t dare to let her imagination run wild, and neither did she have the courage to think of what could have happened to their innocent Yueyue.

She also couldn’t decipher Su Yue’s emotions for the child could restrain herself very well. Her nonchalance and aloofness could conceal all her feelings.

Ming Ansheng glared at her. “Hey, Wen Xuxu! Don’t get the wrong idea.”

Xuxu frowned. “Ming Ansheng!”

Obviously, she didn’t mean it that way. This fellow was really annoying at times!

Ming Ansheng knew what had made Xuxu worried, and he had merely joked with her.

He became serious when he saw how worried Xuxu looked. “It’s hard to explain, but I just want to say that if I didn’t reach there in time, there could have been disastrous consequences.”

Xuxu felt as if it had lifted a burden off her and she nodded. “I got it.”

But she knew that even if nothing happened to Su Yue, the incident must have traumatized her. The wounds on her back could attest to that.

It must have terrified Su Yue—she was still such a young girl.

Xuxu’s heart pounded painfully at the thought of that.

Perhaps it was because that Su Yue was really lovely or perhaps it was because of Grandmother. Su Yue had unconsciously become someone important in her heart.

“Who is Su Yue’s family?”

Two police officers walked towards them.

“I am,” Yan Rusheng answered.

The officers walked towards them and one of them was holding a notebook to record their testimony. “According to our investigations, there are four suspects. Three of them are currently in the hospital receiving treatment, while we brought the other one back to the police station.”

It shocked Ming Ansheng. “Three of them are in the hospital receiving treatment?”

He only saw two.

Yan Rusheng glanced at him and answered, “I saw on the CCTV that two of them left halfway.”

The police officer nodded. He continued, “There was one who got stabbed in the back and it was a deep stab. A dagger or a knife must have caused it. Another one had his arm shattered and suffered a fracture. He also sustained injuries to his neck and face. Our analysis revealed that the same weapon caused it.”

“The other one had minor injuries although he might have suffered a concussion.”

It startled Yan Rusheng to hear that there were wounds caused by a weapon. He glanced at Ming Ansheng.