Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 726

Chapter 726 I Remember

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Ming Ansheng shook his head to express that he knew nothing.

When he arrived at the scene, he was blazing with fury when he saw Su Yue being pinned down by the men. There was blood everywhere in the car, and all he could think of was to rip the men to pieces right away. He noticed nothing else.

The reason behind the men’s injury and why there was a dagger had him perplexed.

The police officer replied, “According to their testimonies, the dagger belongs to the victim, Su Yue.”

Everyone stared at the police officer in disbelief. “How could it be?” Xuxu asked.

Why would Su Yue bring a dagger to school?

The police officer nodded and continued, “The first suspect, who the victim had injured, testified that Su Yue retrieved the dagger from her schoolbag.”

Xuxu and the rest looked at each other, unable to believe their ears.

They really couldn’t believe that Su Yue possessed a dagger. Why did she bring one?

“That child feels too insecure.” Ming Ansheng suddenly sighed.

He suddenly understood why Su Yue had a dagger with her.

She had said that people locked her up before, and they didn’t give her food.

What could she possibly have gone through to make her feel so insecure? In her heart, she must have assumed that the entire world hates her—that everyone would harm her.

So, she sealed herself from the outside world and refused to open herself to anyone.

Ming Ansheng recalled her words and glanced at Xuxu. He solemnly said, “You must be the only person she trusts. Your number is the only that she saved in her phone, she didn’t even save Su Yan’s number.”

It touched Xuxu, but she felt sorry for Su Yue at the same time. It touched her that Su Yue trusted her so much but she felt sorry that she had such a dark childhood.

A child had to answer for the wrongdoings of her parents.

‘Why did they have to give birth to me…’

Ming Ansheng looked at the closed door of the ward as Su Yue’s words echoed once more. Pity for the little girl overwhelmed his heart. “You really have to guide and teach this child. Make sure she stays on the right path. At her age, she doesn’t seem to like anything else. She is too aloof and resilient for her own good.”

Xuxu nodded. “Yes, you’re right.”

She felt she really needed a good long talk with Su Yue.

Yan Rusheng turned towards the police officers, and he sharply said, “Did you manage to check the background of those scums?”

The police officers replied, “They are the local tyrants of the Nancheng County in the capital city. They call their leader Brother Cheng. We are still investigating their motive for kidnapping Miss Su. We will give you a reply very soon.”

He showed him some photos and passed them to Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. “These are their photos.”

“They…” Xuxu took a photo to examine it more closely.

It puzzled Yan Rusheng. “You know him?”

“I think I have seen him before.” Xuxu was trying her best to recall.

‘What’s wrong? Are you looking down on me?’

“I remember now.” Her eyes were shining. “When I was having supper with Qi Lei previously, they were the hooligans who tried to beat me and Qi Lei. Do you remember?”

“They were the ones?” Yan Rusheng stretched his hand and scrutinized the photo carefully.

That night, all he had on his mind was to protect Xuxu and furthermore, it was dark. He didn’t even have a good look at those men. He simply couldn’t recall their appearances, and he glanced at Xuxu again. “You remember?”