Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Will They Betray You?

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Xuxu confidently nodded. “Yes, I’m positively sure it’s them. I’ve seen this man before. He was smoking and when I covered my nose because of the smoke, he said that I looked down on him and wanted to hit me.”

He’s the one. They even looked at each other face-to-face, so she was certain she recognized his face.

When Yan Rusheng heard this, he furiously crushed the photo into a ball. “Scum!”

Back then, if it wasn’t because Xuxu wasn’t at the clinic, he wouldn’t have gone out to look for her. Otherwise, Xuxu and his baby would have already met with danger.

And now, these scums nearly destroyed Su Yue.

Xuxu hazarded a guess. “You walloped those few fellows last time, so could they be seeking revenge now?”

No wonder she was saying who would want to kidnap Yueyue.

“Revenge?” Yan Rusheng’s expression suddenly turned cold. “I’ll make sure they die an utter death.”

“You can’t seem to do anything right. Besides boasting and talking big, what else do you know? You can’t even deal with a little lass, and yet you still have the cheek to boast about getting even with Yan Rusheng.”

Fang Jiayin sat in front of her laptop, looking at Qin Shaomin from her screen. Since she was at home, she brazenly released her pent up fury at him.

She had initially thought that by destroying Su Yue, she would witness Wen Xuxu in agony again. But who would have expected that her hopes would crash?

Why were they always in luck?

It’s all Qin Shaomin’s fault—that useless and unreliable fellow.

Qin Shaomin also felt down. “Who would have expected that lass to be such a pervert—carrying a dagger in her school bag and so fearless about death. It was really unexpected, and it’s our negligence to assume that we could easily manipulate a teenage girl.”

Fang Jiayin coldly mocked him. “Don’t find excuses for your failures. It’s useless.”

Qin Shaomin knitted his eyebrows. He felt aggrieved. He said, “Jiayin, I’m trying my best to help you. Because of this, my friends got injured and are now under police supervision. How could you still say such a thing?”

There was a hint of resentment in his tone which made Fang Jiayin even madder. But since he was still of use to her and they were in the same boat, she didn’t want to have a fallout with him yet.

As she mulled over it, her tone softened a little. “Do you know how much I hate that two sl*ts? They disfigured my face and left me with scars.”

Fang Jiayin pointed to the two scars on her face which were barely visible and there was a tinge of hatred in her eyes.

She was successful in feigning pitiful for Qin Shaomin instantly felt sorry for her. “Don’t be sad. The scars didn’t affect your looks. You’re still as beautiful.”

Fang Jiayin furrowed her eyebrows and gnashed her teeth in fury. “How can I not hate them?”

Qin Shaomin nodded and comforted her. “I understand. I’ll definitely take revenge for you.”

After that, he mischievously smiled at her. “Jiayin, when can we meet up? I miss you dearly and couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms.”

“Save your lecherous smile for yourself.” Fang Jiayin was disgusted, and so she turned off the screen and switched to voice call instead.

Qin Shaomin immediately responded, sounding annoyed. “Jiayin, why did you end the video call?”

Fang Jiayin ignored him and appeared to have recalled something. She frowned and asked, “Will your chaps betray you?”

Qin Shaomin patted his chest in assurance. “Don’t worry, they won’t. They fumbled the last time and now that they’re caught, Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng would definitely assume that they’re back for revenge. No one would suspect that you’re the one behind it all.”