Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Something Fishy Is Going On

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Despite Qin Shaomin’s assurance, Fang Jiayin still couldn’t set her mind at ease. “Yan Rusheng won’t let them off so easily this time. Given his character, he’ll definitely skin those fellows alive. Are you certain they’ll keep mum at all cost?”

According to what Qin Shaomin told her, Yan Rusheng shrugged off the fellows previously. He didn’t pursue any further for he was more worried about Xuxu. It was winter and late at night.

He’s not one to be provoked easily, too. He could be irrationally vicious when it concerns Wen Xuxu.

She already had a taste of his wrath. When someone would try to lay a finger on Wen Xuxu, he would not care if the person was a male or female, for he would be equally brutal and would make the person a target of scorn. One would opt to stay away, if so.

Otherwise, in Wen Xuxu university’s hostel, he wouldn’t have been the last man standing.

She thought, perhaps in this world, he was the only one who had the rights to bully Wen Xuxu.

Hence, she felt that his men wouldn’t be so fortunate this time. What she’s most worried was whether Qin Shaomin’s men would betray him or not. If he got exposed, Yan Rusheng would definitely link him to her.

“This” Qin Shaomin was also feeling unsettled.

Hearing his hesitant voice, Fang Jiayin got anxious. “Quickly think of a way. Once they found out it’s you, I won’t be able to escape either.”

Qin Shaomin replied, “Got it.”

Fang Jiayin was about to hang up when she suddenly thought of something. She asked, “Any news about Wang Bin?”

Qin Shaomin answered, “No. But I’ve already found out the kindergarten that his grandson is attending. I’ll find a way to make him appear.”

He sounded confident as usual. Even though Fang Jiayin had already lost faith in him, she had no other way out. Qin Shaomin was the only one she could make use of at that point in time.

She deliberated for a moment before barking out an instruction. “Should you fail again, we’ll inadvertently be alerting the enemy.”

“Understand.” After Qin Shaomin responded, Fang Jiayin ended the call.

She leaned back on her chair and placed both hands on the armrest, feeling uneasy. She’s fearful that those fellows won’t be able to withstand their sufferings and end up betraying Qin Shaomin.

The more she thought about it, the more unsettled she was. She sat up and picked up her phone and dialed her uncle’s number.

“Hello uncle, it’s me.”

“The matter you had mentioned before, I’m willing to do it, but I’ll need a favor from you first.”

“Our chief says that this case involves Third Master’s family, so we need to resolve it soon. Hence, we’ve already brought the suspects back to the police station.”

After Su Yue’s IV drip at the hospital last night, Xuxu arrived home at about 11 p.m. Yan Rusheng went to the hospital early the next morning to see the two suspects, but the doctor informed him that the police had already taken them away.

So he rushed down to the police station immediately.

In the past, the police chief was always present to receive him whenever he was there, but there was only a young police officer today who spoke to him in a patronizing tone.

He furrowed his eyebrows and suspiciously surveyed the young police officer. “They were brought back to the police station, despite their serious injuries?”

Yesterday, two police officers mentioned that since the suspects had serious injuries, a court hearing would take place once they were better, and yet, it had only been one night since.

Something fishy was obviously going on.

The police officer nodded. He answered politely, “Yes, indeed. Third Master, please rest assured that we’ll provide you with a satisfactory outcome.”