Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Whats Wrong With This Little Lass?

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Yan Rusheng snorted. “The most satisfactory outcome will be to hand over the culprits to me.”

“But…” The police officer gave a helpless look and answered, “We already sent the suspects to the police station to record their statement, and my superior also instructed us to investigate this case thoroughly. Hence, we must abide by the investigation protocols.”

A streak of doubt flashed across Yan Rusheng’s eyes. He felt it was a waste of breath speaking to this police officer.

With a sullen face, he turned around to leave. But when he recalled something, he turned back.

The police officer was also about to go back in when he saw Yan Rusheng spun back around. He immediately stood up straight and smiled politely. “Third Young Master, is there anything else?”

Yan Rusheng asked, “Where’s your chief?”

The police officer smiled. He answered, “My chief has gone overseas for a meeting and will only be back tomorrow.”

Yan Rusheng pursed his lips and left.

When the police officer saw Yan Rusheng’s towering figure walking out of the main entrance with heavy steps, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After that, he fished out his cellphone and dialed the chief’s number. “Chief, he has left. I’ve informed him accordingly that you’re on a business trip.”

“Thoroughly check the network and connection of those punks,” spoke Yan Rusheng to someone on the phone. He started his car engine. “Also, find out who the Southern Sub-Bureau Chief we met with yesterday.”

Because of her injuries, Su Yue didn’t go to school. Xuxu didn’t go to the studio either and stayed home to accompany her.

As she didn’t shower last night, Su Yue said that the sweat on her body made her feel uncomfortable. She wanted to go to the bathroom to wipe her body. Xuxu offered to help, but Su Yue rejected and insisted on doing it herself.

An hour had already passed, and she was still inside the bathroom—it was silent inside, too. Xuxu got anxious and stood at the door knocking. She shouted, “Yueyue, are you alright?”

“Coming out soon,” replied Su Yue from inside.

Her voice seemed to carry traces of unbearable emotions and Xuxu thought it was because of the pain of her wounds. Concerned, she called out, “Be careful, don’t touch the wounds and just do a quick wipe. Once your wounds get better, then you shower.”

Su Yue replied with an ‘Mm’.

The next moment, sounds of flowing water were heard coming from the bathroom—the shower was obviously turned on. Xuxu panicked. “Yueyue, what are you doing? The doctor said that your wounds cannot come into contact with water.”

The person inside didn’t respond, and water was still gushing out.

Su Yue had locked the door from inside. Xuxu paced back and forth restlessly, and after a while, she knocked on the door again. “Yueyue?”

But it was useless. Su Yue didn’t seem to hear her nor respond. Only the sound of gushing water was heard. She was panic-stricken.

“Yueyue, can you please open the door and let Third sister-in-law in?” Xuxu leaned towards the frosted glass panel on the door in an attempt to look through it. She could vaguely see Su Yue standing under the shower.

She was burning with anxiety. What’s wrong with this little lass?

There was no way to open the door.

Xuxu deliberated for a while before opening the room door and stepped out. “Aunt Zhang.”


Xuxu bumped into Jiang Qinglian as she stepped out of the room. Jiang Qinglian saw her looking flustered. She was puzzled, and so she asked, “What happened to you?”

Xuxu explained to Jiang Qinglian as she walked towards the staircase. “I don’t know what’s wrong with Su Yue. She had locked herself in the bathroom for more than half an hour already. The doctor said she has to take care and not let water touch her wounds, and yet she’s standing under the shower.”