Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Your Man Isnt Around?

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Xuxu frowned as Su Yue continued talking. “I know that she feels uncomfortable when she sees me.”

Su Yue’s smile didn’t exude her usual sorrow, in fact, Xuxu felt she seemed brighter.

But her heart still ached.

“Yueyue.” Xuxu tenderly held Su Yue’s hand, she was hesitating. She suggested, “Why don’t you stay at my apartment for a few days?”

Su Yue happily nodded. “Alright.”

She hugged Xuxu and pouted. “You’re the best. I like you the most.”

“You’re such a silly child. When did you learn to be so mushy?” Xuxu tried to conceal a grin.

As she watched Su Yue’s face, affection oozed out from her eyes.

She would try her best to love Su Yue and give her all the warmth she could, just like how the Yan family had given her too much love and warmth.

Xuxu brought Su Yue back home to gather her belongings. After that, she brought her to grab some groceries. She had just come out of the supermarket when her cell phone rang.

Zhou Shuang was on the other line.

She answered as she walked. “Hello, what’s up?”

Zhou Shuang, being all dramatic, proclaimed, “It has been some time since I’ve last seen you, my beloved. I’m feeling lonely and cold.”

Xuxu’s face fell. “Can you speak like a normal person?”

Zhou Shuang immediately spoke in her normal voice. “I want to hook up with…”

“Scram!” Xuxu berated her and was about to hang up.

Yan Rusheng was right. This woman was a hooligan and an exceedingly annoying one.

Zhou Shuang guessed that Xuxu was about to hang up, and so she quickly said, “Alright! I want to ask you out for dinner. We haven’t done so in ages.”

Xuxu rejected right away. “No, I’m at home. If you want to eat with me, then come to my house.”

She won’t be so stupid to go out with her. Whenever they would meet, it would always be jinxed.

“Your apartment? I’ll be there.” Zhou Shuang instantly hung up.

Xuxu frowned without a word.

It had been several days since she last came home to her apartment, and the place already felt stuffy for her. Xuxu carefully led Su Yue to the sofa and opened all the windows.

The doorbell rang shortly after, showing that Zhou Shuang had arrived.

She immediately gave Xuxu a warm hug. “My darling, I miss you so much.”

Xuxu frowned and shoved her away. “Stop being disgusting. Come in, I’m locking the door.”

“You’re so boring,” Zhou Shuang grumbled as she removed her shoes. “Your man isn’t around?”

She surveyed the room and saw Su Yue sitting there. “Is that girl Yan Rusheng’s cousin?”

Xuxu nodded. “Yeah.”

Zhou Shuang smiled. “I finally met the idol I worshiped so much.”

She walked towards Su Yue.

Su Yue displayed no reaction to Zhou Shuang’s presence. She was looking intently at her homework.

“Little girl, how are you?” Zhou Shuang bent and offered her hand for a handshake.

Su Yue kept her head bowed. She then coldly said, “I don’t like being called a little girl.”

The corners of Zhou Shuang’s mouth twitched as she thought, ‘What a spunky girl.’ She continued, “Little one, let’s be friends. I really like you, and you have no idea how cool you are when you splashed that evil woman.”