Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Lets Play A Game

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Su Yue ignored her without batting an eyelid. She was frowning, as though she was thinking of a tricky problem.

Zhou Shuang was a little sullen. “Little one, don’t learn from your Third Brother. His forte is being pretentious.”

Was being arrogant one of their family traits?

She didn’t give up and continued to disturb Su Yue who was focused on doing her homework. “Can you talk to me?”

“Have you attended high school before?” Su Yue finally responded. She raised her head to look at Zhou Shuang.

Zhou Shuang seemed to have heard a huge joke. She straightened herself to make herself look more imposing and lifted an eyebrow. “I attended the same school as your Third Brother and Third sister-in-law. The name of our school is Yizhong. What do you think?”

Su Yue ignored her smug look. “Then have you attended year three?”

Zhou Shuang frowned. “Aren’t you asking the obvious? I have attended university, so is there any reason for me not to finish high school?”

What’s wrong with this little lass’s brain? What a weird question.

“Then you should know how to do this question. Teach me.” Su Yue pointed to a question and glanced at Zhou Shuang.

Zhou Shuang was a little apprehensive. “Wh—what question?”

It was a complex Chemistry formula and she couldn’t even understand it.

After bragging that she had graduated from Yizhong earlier on, she certainly couldn’t tell the young lass that she couldn’t do it.

Zhou Shuang thought of an excuse and her eyes lit up. She smiled at Su Yue. “Oops, I forgot to give your Third sister-in-law something.”

She had barely finished her sentence when she turned on her heel and hurried away.

Su Yue watched as Zhou Shuang vanished, and a devious smile appeared on her face. She bent her head and continued on her homework.

Zhou Shuang fled into the kitchen where Xuxu was washing vegetables. She strode across and frowned. “This cousin of Yan Rusheng is just like him. So unlikeable.”

Xuxu grinned. “I think it’s just you.”

It upset Zhou Shuang. “What’s wrong with you?”

Xuxu raised an eyebrow. “If you like my man, then what does that mean?”

“Wen Xuxu, you’ve changed!” Zhou Shuang stretched her hand and knocked her head. “Your man?! Who was the girl who said she loathed Yan Rusheng because he was so pretentious that she even fought with him?”

Xuxu blushed and bowed her head. She didn’t respond.

Zhou Shuang heaved a sigh. She then continued to tease her. “If I knew you would eventually end up marrying him, I wouldn’t have joined the fight and helped you. Both of you even forgot about that fight in the blink of an eye! Alas, after I joined your cause, that petty fellow held a grudge against me since then. Look at how he treats me as an eyesore. It’s as if he couldn’t wait for me to vanish forever!”

Xuxu burst into laughter and thought, ‘If Yan Rusheng heard this, he would have added that thank goodness you’re not stupid.’

Xuxu cooked two simple dishes for lunch.

After lunch, Su Yue revised her homework again with Xuxu coaching her. While Zhou Shuang, on the other hand, got bored. She had been switching the TV channels for the past half an hour, and there wasn’t any show that had caught her eye.

She put down the remote control and glanced at both of them. Her eyes lit up. “Xuxu, let’s play a game.”

Wen Xuxu turned to her with an exasperated look. “Can you not suggest something so silly?”