Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Well Know Soon

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Zhou Shuang’s idea of a game was actually gambling. How could she teach Yueyue how to gamble? How could she even think of such?

“What’s wrong with playing a game?” Zhou Shuang frowned. “Playing a game can activate your brain cells, liven the atmosphere, develop team spirit and build your mental strength…”

She was clear and logical in her argument.

Liven the atmosphere, develop team spirit…

When Xuxu heard her blabbering, but she was a little hesitant. She silently watched Su Yue who sat on the side with her face void of expression.

‘At her age, she doesn’t seem to have anything she likes…’

Zhou Shuang noticed that Xuxu was mulling over her words, and so she quickly strode over and pulled her up by the elbow. “Come on, let’s play for a while and take a break.”

Then she went to drag Su Yue along.

A crease appeared between Su Yue’s eyebrows and she turned frigid. Xuxu noticed the change in her expression and wore a smile. “Shall we play for a while? I’m getting a little tired, so let’s take a break before we get back to revision.”

Su Yue immediately nodded and obediently agreed. “Okay.”

She pursed her lips. “But I don’t know how to play.”

Xuxu said, “Don’t worry, we’ll teach you.”

She held Su Yue’s hand and led her to the sofa. “I have received a new stack of poker cards as a freebie gift.”

Su Yue sat in between them and played with them.

The sky turned dark, and two men sat in the car, looking equally cold and stony.

Both of them were wearing similar black suits, but they each exuded a different charm from one another. However, what they shared in common was both of their classes were extraordinary.

“Third Yan, what do you intend to do?” Ming Ansheng flicked the ashes from his cigarette out of the window. He then glanced at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng’s expression hardened. His eyes showed determination and his voice was icy and frightening. “He had a choice to lead his life, but he chose to barge through the doors of Hell. I initially wanted to leave him alone until the election so he would still have a glimmer of hope. But now, I think he doesn’t even deserve a chance.”

He stretched his hand and dialed Young Master Mu’s number. When the person picked up, he said, “Qingteng, you can send Liu Changfu his gift now.”

Then he instructed him with some other stuff and hung up.

Ming Ansheng helplessly sighed. “They should have stayed in their own lane and not strayed to ours.”

Businessmen and government officials have always mutually depended on each other. Even if they didn’t, they have no reason to offend one another.

Just like other businessmen, they possessed incriminating pieces of evidence against some high-ranking officials.

But they won’t reveal it unless they were desperate or provoked. The officials usually had backers to back them up, because should they offend one, it would mean they have offended several others.

This time around, Liu Changfu had indeed provoked Yan Rusheng. How dare he touch his family, especially Wen Xuxu? It was a blatant display of going up against him.

If it was Ming Ansheng, he would do the same thing as well.

“But I don’t understand why Liu Changfu has to provoke you during this crucial period.” It puzzled Ming Ansheng and suddenly felt suspicious. “I think he isn’t that stupid.”

Yan Rusheng coldly sneered. “So, I’m merely sending him a ‘gift’ . We’ll know soon if he is truly that stupid.”

He activated the ignition button and was about to drive off when his phone rang.

He glanced at his phone; Wen Xuxu was on the other line. Instinctively, he used a gentle voice to speak to her. “Xuxu.”

“Mmm, chase her away.”

“Don’t need, I’ll cook later.”