Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Aren't You Smart?

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After briefly speaking with Xuxu, Yan Rusheng hung up. Ming Ansheng noticed that other than wearing a frown throughout the entire conversation, Yan Rusheng seemed rather helpless.

He chuckled. “Xuxu called? Did she ask you to cook?”

He sounded certain even though he didn’t hear what Xuxu said. He only heard Yan Rusheng replying that he would cook for her instead.

Yan Rusheng glared at him. “Aren’t you getting off?”

Damn it, this fellow had overheard everything.

Young Master Ming raised his hand and tightly clung on to the safety handle. “No, I want to eat a free meal too. I’ve rendered you my services, shouldn’t you reward me?”

Third Yan cooking a meal, how rare could it be. If he missed it, when would he be able to taste his cooking ever again?

So, he would never get off the car, and later he would ask Lu Yinan to tag along. That guy would definitely make Third Yan explode in anger.

“Ming Ansheng, don’t you dare regret.” Yan Rusheng fiercely glared at Young Master Ming and drove off.

The car sped off at the speed of lightning.



“Third sister-in-law, why do you still have a joker?”

Su Yue had happily flaunted her last card. Just when she thought that she would win, Xuxu took out her trump card, and she pouted unhappily.

She refused to accept the truth because she had assumed she was going to win, but in the next second, she would definitely going to lose.

She had her last card, but she was bound to lose.

“Silly girl.” Xuxu smiled as she analyzed the situation. “There are two kings which haven’t appeared, and both of you didn’t realize that I still have the joker card.”

“Little girl, don’t worry!” Zhou Shuang cut across and consoled Su Yue. She coaxed her and said, “You still have me! Let me beat her to a pulp.”

“Ha!” Xuxu snorted with contempt and threw her last card. “Airplane!”

Zhou Shuang was angry, and she threw her card as well. She slyly looked at Xuxu. “I’m here to defeat the airplane!”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

This hooligan!

She looked at Su Yue and the little lass was still frowning, looking as though she couldn’t accept her defeat.

Xuxu patted her shoulders. “Don’t brood over it. You can try again the next round. Be observant of your opponents’ cards as well as yours. I’m the host, but you must help other players as well. Make sure they would progress, too. This is cooperation, understand?”

Su Yue began stacking the cards and dealing them. She uttered, “Let’s continue. I will remember all the cards so that I can win over Third sister-in-law.”

Zhou Shuang laughed. “Your third sister-in-law is the same as your third brother. They are smart in a perverted way, and they are scheming and devious. It’s hard to win them.”

Su Yue raised her head and innocently eyed Zhou Shuang. With a doubt hinting on her voice, she asked, “Aren’t you smart?”

Her tone and expression seemed to imply, ‘I thought you were smart.’

It rendered Zhou Shuang speechless.

It was enough proof that she was indeed a Yan. Su Yue was a replica of Yan Rusheng—both possessed a vicious tongue.

And she was merely his cousin. If she was his sister, how scary would she be?

‘Ding, dong.’

Su Yue was still dealing with the cards when the doorbell rang. Xuxu quipped, “It must be your Third Brother.”