Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 737

Chapter 737 We Annihilated Them

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Xuxu stood up and went to the door.

The first person she saw when she opened the door was a familiar faceYan Rusheng’s tall form appeared, looking sullen with a frown.

However, Ming Ansheng stood behind him, and it surprised Xuxu to see him. After recovering herself, she curled her lips into a faint smile. “Young Master Ming, you’re here as well.”

Ming Ansheng frowned when he heard how Xuxu addressed him. “Wen Xuxu, you can call me Ming Ansheng or call me Ansheng like how Lu Yinan and the rest do. If you prefer to call me Sheng, I don’t mind.”

She had always been like this, trying to distance herself away from them.

Actually, they had never offended her before.

Yan Rusheng threw Young Master Ming a dirty look before Xuxu could even respond. “I think she should call you despicable. That’s more appropriate.”

This vicious and mean tongue almost made Young Master Ming throw up blood.

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth involuntarily jerked

Yan Rusheng turned away from Ming Ansheng and promptly removed his shoes. He then stowed them away in the shoe cupboard.

Upon noticing that only Wen Xuxu’s shoes were inside, he turned towards Wen Xuxu to question her. “Wife, where are my shoes?”

“I threw them away,” Xuxu replied in a heartbeat.

Yan Rusheng frowned. “Why?”

No matter how intelligent a person was, one was bound to make mistakes.

Did he forget that they broke up?

Furthermore, Xuxu was a direct and honest person, so she would just state the truth even if his close buddies were around.

Xuxu quipped, “I threw away all your belongings after I came back from Donghai.”

She casually walked back to the sofa where Su Yue was still waiting for her to finish the game.

“Third Young Master, your stuff was all thrown away. Did you hear that? Your wife’s apartment doesn’t even have a pair of your bedroom slippers.” Ming Ansheng put his hand on Yan Rusheng’s shoulders and shook his head, stifling his laughter. “I really don’t know what to say, you lead a really good life.”

He removed his shoes, kept his socks on and walked towards the sofa.

“Hi, Miss Zhou the great beauty,” cheerily said Ming Ansheng as she looked at Zhou Shuang. However, his footsteps advanced towards Su Yue.

Zhou Shuang saw Ming Ansheng and used her card to cover her nose and mouth. She bashfully said, “Young Master Ming, stop making fun of me.”

To Xuxu, she could only use a word to describe Zhou Shuang.‘Posturing!’

Xuxu sternly glared at Zhou Shuang. “Can’t you talk normally for once?”

Zhou Shuang rolled her eyes. “You are so boring.”

Ming Ansheng ignored Xuxu and Zhou Shuang’s banter, and he settled himself comfortably beside Su Yue. He smiled as he sized up the cards she was holding. “Little lass, you know how to play this game?”

Su Yue was focused on her cards and ignored Ming Ansheng.

In other words, she didn’t seem to hear Ming Ansheng.

Ming Ansheng was already accustomed to her attitude. “Are you the host?”

Finally, Su Yue responded and nodded. She pulled out a card and was about to throw it.

Ming Ansheng stopped her in time. “Silly girl, this can be coupled with another one. Then, they won’t be able to do anything.”

He helped her to re-arrange her cards and took out a set and put it on the table.

Then he confidently glanced at Xuxu and Zhou Shuang.

Xuxu and Zhou Shuang shook their heads.

“Use this now.” Ming Ansheng brought out the cards with three kings, and it did succeed in stopping them.

He threw out the remaining cards from Su Yue’s hand and proclaimed, “Look, we annihilated them and this doubled the stakes.”