Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 738

Chapter 738 I Finally Won

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“I finally won.” Su Yue clapped happily.

Her actions attracted Xuxu and Yan Rusheng’s attention, especially Ming Ansheng.

This was the first time she had such a bright smile on her face among their various encounters.

He had never seen her with any dramatic expressions or emotions. Except for yesterday when she bawled as she hugged him, but she was smiling happily today.

He thought it was only normal for girls of her age to be able to laugh, cry, whine, and pout.

Su Yue was still dwelling on her victory when Xuxu snapped out of her reverie. She smiled and stretched her hands towards the cards. “Let’s play another round.”

True enough, the environment could affect a person’s personality and mood. Su Yue didn’t live in such a happy and relaxed environment, hence that explains her aloofness.

Fortunately, she was still young, and it wasn’t too late for changes. If she continued to lead her previous life for a few more years, it might be too late by then.

Xuxu dealt the card, and the host was Zhou Shuang this time. Su Yue began to arrange her cards and glanced happily at Xuxu. “Third sister-in-law, let’s work together to defeat this hooligan.”

Zhou Shuang’s face hardened, and she fiercely glared at Su Yue. “Little one, who are you referring to?”

She didn’t wait for Su Yue to answer. She immediately threw a murderous glare at Yan Rusheng who sitting beside Xuxu. “You must be the one who taught her!”

Su Yue casually glanced at Zhou Shuang. “You always say, f*ck and cr*p.”


Xuxu and Ming Ansheng burst into laughter, even Yan Rusheng grinned.

She was indeed related to Yan Rusheng.

This innocent and naive girl, with an exquisite and pretty face, spewing out vulgarities really made a weird combination.

Xuxu felt that Su Yue really resembled Yan Rusheng in certain aspects.

Mean, devious, proud, and aloof. They would think that you’re annoying if you say anything useless or extra.

And occasionally, they would exterminate you with just a word.

Zhou Shuang gritted her teeth in anger and knocked Su Yue’s head. “Little pretentious one! You’re being led astray by your Third Brother, the original pretentious one!”

She dealt out a full set and threw it on the table. “There!”

Su Yue peered at the cards Zhou Shuang had just thrown on the table. She excitedly said, “Third sister-in-law, I want this.”

She counted her cards and then put hers on top of Zhou Shuang’s cards. “Mine’s bigger.”

Su Yue was triumphant, and she beamed brightly.

She was smiling from ear to ear, even her eyes.


“This.” Su Yue flung a card which she had long wanted to throw out.

Ming Ansheng stopped her once more. “No, this can form a set with the others.”

He helped her with her cards. A handsome, muscular, and wealthy young man would certainly possess a pair of good-looking hands. When he placed his huge hands next to Su Yue’s tiny hands, they completely fit each other.

“Continue with this set.” Ming Ansheng threw five cards away.

Zhou Shuang couldn’t do anything and she glared at Ming Ansheng. “Fine!”

Then she said angrily to Xuxu, “I’ll pass!”

Xuxu was about to say pass as well to let Su Yue win.