Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Ive Faith In You

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Yan Rusheng suddenly stretched his hand and snatched the set from Xuxu. He slammed the cards on the table. “We crushed you!”

Su Yue felt dejected. “I wanted to use my card.”

She kept her card and felt gloomy.

Xuxu saw her, and she cast an angry glare at the man next to her. “Yan Rusheng, can you scram to the kitchen?”

He was being a nuisance.

It rendered Yan Rusheng speechless.

He glanced at Zhou Shuang and Ming Ansheng instinctively, but Zhou Shuang was too absorbed in her own cards.

From Yan Rusheng’s glance, she realized and guffawed. “Yan Rusheng, can you scram to the kitchen?”

Yan Rusheng’s face fell.

With a light tone, Ming Ansheng spoke, “Third Yan, I forgot to inform you that Lu Yinan is on the way. Both of us are eagerly waiting to try your cooking.”

“I will make sure that it’s an unforgettable experience.” Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth with fury, rose, and left for the kitchen.

He thought of something and spun around to put on Xuxu’s slippers.

It was pink and dainty. And the slippers on his huge feet seemed… ridiculous.

Xuxu glanced at him and loudly chuckled. There was a sweetness mixed in her smile that even she didn’t notice.

Lu Yinan arrived shortly in a coffee-colored coat. He was wearing his usual pair of gold-rimmed spectacles that made him look refined and gentlemanly.

He couldn’t find any slippers and walked in with his socks.

“Where is Third Yan?”

Young Master Lu casually glanced at the table where they were playing cards, but couldn’t spot Yan Rusheng anywhere in sight.

He could barely conceal the evil smile any longer as his eyes playfully twinkled.

He promptly spun around and walked to the kitchen.

Yan Rusheng was wearing a pink floral apron with a pair of dainty-looking slippers. He held a cleaver in a hand and a bunch of vegetables in the other. He was staring rather maliciously at the unwanted intruder, Lu Yinan.

He knew that Lu Yinan had arrived when the doorbell rang, and he had a hunch that he would definitely come to the kitchen to tease him.

Lu Yinan’s eyes met Yan Rusheng’s and instinctively, he shrunk. “Third Yan, what a good husband. I’ve faith in you.”

Glancing at the cleaver in Yan Rusheng’s hand, he decided to flee as quickly as he could before the thing would split his head into half. He shut the door after him.

He stood by the sofa and looked at the group of people sitting cross-legged on the carpet. He smiled with an air of elegance. “So you guys are playing cards.”

Zhou Shuang’s eyelids fluttered and eyed Lu Yinan. She dramatically proclaimed, “Eh, you’re here, fake refined guy.”

Young Master Lu’s face fell. He frowned and glared at her. “Why are you such an unlikeable woman?”

Zhou Shuang ignored him and kept her eyes on her cards. She snorted. “What’s the use of being liked by you?”

They loved to banter whenever they meet.

Lu Yinan sneered with disdain. “Not just me, but disliked by everyone else.”

He walked to Ming Ansheng and sat down on the sofa. He then looked at Su Yue’s cards.

Wen Xuxu beckoned to him. “Come over Young Master Lu, you should play.”

Lu Yinan declined. “You continue, I’ll just watch.”