Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Dont Be Such A Thug

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The game was too boring for Lu Yinan’s taste.

Xuxu insisted. “You replace me, I’ll help Yan Rusheng.”

She stuffed the cards into Lu Yinan’s hands.

“I don’t want. Ansheng you take over.” Lu Yinan quickly stuffed the cards on Ming Ansheng’s hands.

Ming Ansheng refused. “Su Yue doesn’t know how to play. I’ll guide her.”

Lu Yinan flung his cards on the table. “It’s too boring, I don’t want to play.”

He settled comfortably on the sofa and whipped out his phone. He grinned mischievously. “I want to show Ah Heng photos of Third Yan being domesticated and docile. Then he will know how pathetic Third Yan had become after marrying Wen Xuxu.”

There was a long pause…

Zhou Shuang pointed at Lu Yinan. She lectured, “Lu Yinan, you’re heartless.”

Did he think Ah Heng didn’t suffer enough?

Lu Yinan glanced at her and lifted his eyebrows. “Am I worse than you?”

Ming Ansheng added, “Both of you are equally heartless.”

He glanced at Su Yue who sat beside him, her head bowed. She was still looking intently at her own cards, completely oblivious to her surroundings.

He was really curious. If she was on a battlefield, would she still remain so composed and lost in her own thoughts?

Ming Ansheng recalled how Su Yue had smiled so happily when she won earlier. He then glared at Lu Yinan. “Lu Yinan, are you going to play or not?!”

Zhou Shuang intercepted Lu Yinan and answered on his behalf. “Ha, this game requires intelligence. It would expose how dumb he is, of course, he won’t dare to play.”

Mockery and contempt had filled in her every word.

Actually, she wasn’t trying to egg him on but Young Master Lu couldn’t take her insult lying down. He agilely sprang up and angrily glared at Zhou Shuang. “Female hooligan! Today I, the grand master, will let you witness my prowess.”

This woman needs to be taught a harsh lesson.

He paused for a second. “Let’s use something like a stake. It’s meaningless if there wasn’t any.”

Zhou Shuang lifted her eyebrows. “Are you trying to teach this little girl how to gamble with money?”

“Do you think money is a source of motivation for me?” Lu Yinan playfully grinned as his eyes twinkled. “Since you love being a hooligan, then do you dare to take off your clothes if you lose?”

Zhou Shuang was a girl who couldn’t resist a challenge, especially if she was provoked by her enemy. She nodded without a second thought. “Mr. Fake, since you dared me to do it, why would I be afraid of you?”

She was confident that with her skills and experience, she could beat Young Master Lu.

And furthermore, she wore quite a few layers of clothes that day.

“Both of you, enough!” Ming Ansheng’s face turned stony as he glanced at Su Yue.

He really had an urge to fling both Lu Yinan and Zhou Shuang out of the window. One was a wolf pretending to be a sheep, while the female one was actually a beast and a man. Both of them were leading a child astray.

Zhou Shuang finally remembered the deal about Su Yue, and so she admonished Lu Yinan. “Lu Yinan, don’t be such a thug. There is a child here.”

Su Yue placed her cards on the table and stood up slowly.

“Little lass, where are you going?”

Ming Ansheng stood up and offered to support her but as expected, she declined his help.

She limped towards Xuxu’s room, and no matter how they called her, she didn’t respond.

She shut the door after her and locked it.

In the kitchen.

Xuxu stared at Yan Rusheng’s hands as he was cutting potatoes. Her mouth was slightly hanging open.