Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Youll Know When You Watch The News Later

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Yan Rusheng spun his head after he cut a potato. He winked seductively at Xuxu. “Wife, am I dashing?”

Xuxu snapped out of her daze and pursed her lips. In order to conceal her real thoughts, she snapped at him. “Oh, please. Qi Lei can do this better than you.”

But in reality, she swooned at the sight of him earlier on. His pair of perfect-looking and beautiful hands were very charming when he typed. Who knew he could be so charming even when he was cooking as well?

She had already betrayed her own feelings when she pursed her lips earlier on. Yan Rusheng grinned. “Give me a kiss.”

He extended his neck and inched forward towards Xuxu’s face.

The gorgeous face loomed in front of her, and Xuxu felt her cheeks were as red as a tomato. She bashfully shoved him away. “Yan Rusheng, stop playing.”

She looked exceptionally alluring, and Yan Rusheng couldn’t resist. “You promised to give me a kiss.”

Then he gave her a swift peck on her cheek.

Xuxu blushed harder, and she threw a swift glance at the window. She lectured him with a frown. “The window is still open, what are you trying to do?”

He merely wanted to tease her, but the kiss had stirred his dormant desire. Yan Rusheng placed the cleaver down and pulled Xuxu towards him. He bent and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. “Does it matter if it’s open? You’re my wife, what’s wrong with a kiss?”

Xuxu still felt awkward and pushed him. “Ah Sheng, stop fooling around.”

It overjoyed Yan Rusheng when she called him ‘Ah Sheng’ . He literally melted, and he squeezed his arms around her tightly. He bent and rested his chin on Xuxu’s head. A tender smile appeared on his face. “Wen Xuxu, how did you end up as my wife? You’re really fierce.”

Wonderful memories flashed across their minds as they embraced.

Time seemed to stop and everything went quiet.

Xuxu wound her arms around Yan Rusheng’s waist tightly. She muttered, “I wonder who it was who said that I was too fierce and that I won’t be able to get married when I grow up.”

Yan Rusheng smiled. “Exactly. Other than me, who else would marry you? Who would dare to?”

Then he gently pushed Xuxu away, kissed her lips—he had caught her by surprise.


She struggled instinctively but within seconds she had completely surrendered to his passionate kiss.

Both of them hugged each other tightly. The kiss they shared couldn’t compensate for the two months of yearning and desire that Yan Rusheng had towards Xuxu.

He tightened his grip as though he couldn’t wait to bury her inside of him at that very second. Xuxurusheng. His Xuxu.

But alas, heavens wasn’t cooperating and disrupted their wonderful time.

Just when they were engaged in a passionate kiss, Yan Rusheng’s phone rang.

He slightly frowned with annoyance and intended to ignore the ringing. But Xuxu couldn’t, and so she jerked and pushed him away. “Your phone.”

“Damn it,” said Yan Rusheng.

He wanted to see which wretched person had disrupted them.

Yan Rusheng turned solemn when he saw the screen. Xuxu felt anxious, and she peeked curiously at his phone. “Who is it?”

Mu Qingteng’s name was displayed.


“Good, that’s what I want.”

“Let’s meet for a drink soon.”

After Yan Rusheng ended the call, Xuxu asked, “Why did Mu Qingteng call you?”

Yan Rusheng gave her a mysterious smile. “You’ll know when you’ll watch the news later.”